351MC Photography and Narrative – Session One

On Wednesday 1st October 2014, I took part in my first day of lectures for my 351MC Photography and Narrative (#Phonar) module tht was taken mostly by lecturer Jonathan Worth. Starting with a… Continue reading

350MC Working with Photography in Context – Introductory Lecture

Tuesday 30th September 2014 was my first day of my third and final year studying Photography at Coventry University. Walking into university at the early time of 9:30am, we were greeted by our… Continue reading

#Phonar Summer Task 2014

Over our summer break, we were given an introductory letter welcoming us to our third and final year studying photography at Coventry University. Within this letter was information regarding when we would start… Continue reading

Cyanotypes and Salt Printing Workshop

On Thursday 5th June 2014, to conclude my second year at university, I took part in a Cyanotypes and Salt Printing Workshop. Throughout the day, we were taught the method of each of… Continue reading

202MC Learning Objective Responses

As you may have seen from my previous blog post, I planned out how I was going to effectively respond to each of the 202MC learning objectives. Below you can see my response… Continue reading

202MC Preparation

As you may have seen from a previous blog post, I have now started my final module for my second year of university which is called 202MC Rethink, React, Respond. Although this module… Continue reading

202MC Rethink, React, Respond Introduction

On Friday 16th May 2014, I attended an introductory session to our final module of second year: 202MC Rethink, React, Respond. Below you can find all of the notes that I made from… Continue reading

201MC Assignment 2 – Audio-Visual Presentation

This blog post is dedicated to my Assignment 2 for the 201MC Professional Practice module. This blog post includes planning, and research that took place before creating my final audio-visual video, and the… Continue reading

201MC Total Time Sheet

This post shows the collective time that I put towards my Proffesional Practice module. FRESH@CU – COVENTRY UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PHOTOS 7 hours (1 day) COVENTRY CITY HANDBALL CLUB 16.25 hours (2.7 days) EPHOTOZINE… Continue reading

201MC SWOT Analysis and CV

This blog post simply includes two SWOT analysis’ that I created for before and after my placements, and my revised CV after completing the 201MC module. I have also included a section discussing… Continue reading