Summer Project Task Three – Holly Constantine’s Letter to Self

12th September 2012

Dear Holly,

I am writing myself this unusual letter, not only because I was instructed to for a summer project, but because I honestly feel that this will enable me to grow to be an independent and successful photographer. In this letter, I am to include a personal documentation of a variety of aspects that I wish to experience and achieve in the next university year and how this will help me develop as a person, as well as a photographer. This could take a while!

As you know, you chose one of the more expensive courses and professions to succeed in! However, due to this fact, and along with the pure passion for photography that bubbles inside of you, I plan on using as many resources and achieving as much as possible on this three year course to enable me to be the best photographer that I can be. I’m not saying that as soon as I leave this course I will know absolutely everything to do with photography, because that simply isn’t true. What I am saying is that I am hoping for Coventry University to give me a ‘foot-up’ into the photographic industry, where I will then be able to mould myself into a successful individual.

In the first year of the course, I hope to have increased my range of photographic techniques and to have built up the skills that I will need before I even attempt to pin-point my preferred area to specialise in. I am sincerely looking forward to learning and working with analogue photography and dark rooms as I haven’t been able to use these facilities at my school, during my a-level course. I am also very interested in studio work and learning the correct lighting needed for specific shots. I was able to ‘have a go’ at playing with the lighting at the University open day, and really enjoyed it! I am fascinated in learning how to edit appropriately using different editing software, even though, and I am very opinionated in this matter, I feel that relying on too much editing destroys the image. It takes away from the skill of photography and therefore moves more into graphic design. I am also quite interested in working with a variety of different camera’s, old and new, and understanding the differences between them. I would also like to work with a variety of filters and lenses to determine how they affect my imagery. With these new skills that I will have learned and experimented with, I will be able to build up a strong and diverse portfolio. This will allow me to show my future employers that I am very versatile in the subjects I photograph, but that I can still place my own style into my photography. I plan on becoming memorable.

Photographic practices aside, I also hope that this course and university will enable me to develop as a more confident individual by helping me to work on my social and communication skills. I feel that I am very shy at the moment (until you get to know me!) and would like to break through that barrier to give a more confident first impression. This will then allow me to be more positive about my pieces of work and will mean that I will become more self-assured whilst networking.

Networking is a very important aspect of a photographer’s career, and it is this that will be responsible if I wish to achieve international recognition. It is very hard for a photographer to become world-known, and I have been told that it is very hard for a photography degree student to find a job after university, which is why I plan on taking advantage of the universities ‘Add+vantage’ scheme by taking a Certified Adobe Photoshop: Visual Communication course on the side throughout my degree.

As for the future? Who knows? People tend to ask me what I plan on doing after university, and my answer: “I have no idea. It completely depends on the skills that I learn, the people that I meet, and the type of photography that I fall in love with.”

Good luck for the future and I hope you enjoy the beginning of your independence.

Holly xx