Keynote, Prezi, and Library Research

On Friday 26th October 2012 we had a relatively straight forward day that taught us different presentation platforms and how to undergo correct library research for our Assignment 2. Below are the notes that I took from our various seminars.


  • Is the Apple version of PowerPoint
  • 800×600 pixels are the usual projector settings
  • If you do use keynote, keep the slide size as the default
  • Photographers name, title, date – note down the URL from where you got it from; if you need to scan it from a book, put down the Harvard reference
    • Not so vitally important in the first year of the course – more important when you do your disotation
  • Video
    • Actual video makes the file very large
    • Better to use the hyperlink
  • Drag and drop image into box – unmask
  • Include key points
  • Don’t use too much text
  • Reference quotes
  • Save as a keynote file
  • Export as a PDF
  • If sending to a client – send as a PDF



  • New prezi – title and description
  • Left click and drag – move
  • + Zoom in
  • – Zoom out
  • Home icon – see everything you have added
  • Zebra transformation tool
  • Change order by dragging and dropping thumbnails
  • Top left menu to add freestyle aspects to your prezi


Photography Level 1: Library Research:

  • Locate Library
    • Books
      • Found on Moodle Hub
      • Search photographer, theme, or type of photography
      • Don’t use the article search
      • Refine my results
      • Media Format
      • Check availability
      • More details
      • Reading list for our subject can be found on Moodle… Apparently
      • Fill in the sheet
    • Journal Articles
      • Reference one or two journal articles
      • Databases
      • “Art Full Text” – best database to use for photography