Silver Linings Playbook – Critical Reflection

Silver Linings Playbook. I can’t say that I am not slightly disappointed with this film, but this may simply be due to that fact that it was not at all what I was expecting. I felt that the trailer that I watched was slightly misleading in the sense that I thought it was going to be a typical rom-com, with a minor twist involving mental health. It turns out this was not the case. Ten minutes in, I realized that I had completely interpreted the trailers wrong and that this film was as close to being a romantic comedy as I was to being featured in a film. The official genre for this movie was comedy and drama. Although I found the comedy to be a tad dark in places, I did catch myself laughing out loud on occasion. This turned out to be due to the fact that the comic timing could not have been better in the sense that it usually came at a point of pure seriousness, catching the audience off-guard. Once realizing that this was not going to be a stereotypical “Christmassy” film that usually appears this time of year, I began to settle into the narrative but often found it difficult to empathize with the characters within this film. On reflection, I can’t help but think that this specific feeling of non-empathy was created deliberately in order for the audience to experience a similar feeling to the “average” person when directly faced with the taboo subject of mental health. Even though, as clearly stated, I struggled to warm to this specific film, it has nonetheless created a personal debate as to whether I should buy the film when it is released. On one hand, I can clearly see the aspects of the film that argue the reason not to buy it, however, I am intrigued to see how I would respond to this film if I were view it again, knowing the main areas of the storyline and its genre. This would enable me to prepare myself for watching the film and therefore, possibly, allow me to understand the characters in greater depth. Or is that the point of the film? To leave the audience in a form of upset, thinking that they are inhumane to not empathize with someone that is perceived by the media as abnormal. Then to return, enabling their emotions towards the character to grow in a strong, more positive manor; much like a person who has to deal with this from of illness in their day-to-day lives. There is only one way for me to find out. Let’s watch it again.

Twitter: Silver Linings Playbook left me disappointed and confused. Am I really a non-empathetic robot, or was that the point? Let’s watch it again.