Reading Week One – Seminar Group Discussion

As you know, for our first week back at university, we were given a reading list that we had to complete over the first three weeks of this term. Below are the notes that we took from our group discussion on Tuesday 15th January 2013:


1) The first thing we should do is write down the date of publication

Barthes, R (2000) Studium & Punctum In Camera Lucida: Reflections On Photography Vintage Books London / Pages 25-28

  • 1920
  • Punctum
    • There will always be one image that we like, we may never actually know why
    • Examples
      • Out of 10 images, there will always be one we admire.
      • Caroline’s work of the twins: there is one image she did not control – this seemed to work best since it was very natural


Sontag, S (2002) Platos Cave In On Photography Penguin England / Pages 3-24

  • People will only really go on holiday and take photographs not only to enjoy, but to say that they have been there
  • Photography (authentic) – the experience
  • It is almost like a story, it talks about photography in general and how realistic it is
  • Example
    • A poster of a pop star on a wall compared to sensing that they are actually there in the room
  • She talks about being authentic


Benjamin Walker (2008) The Work Of Art in The Mechanical Reproduction Penguin Books London / Pages 1-50

  • Context is very important
  • Reproduction of images is not as valuable as original