“Cameraless Photography” Lecture – Caroline Molloy

On Friday 25th January 2013, our afternoon lecture was given by Caroline Molloy with the theme of “Cameraless Photography“. Below are the notes that I took from this lecture, along with the research that we conducted in small groups, and the task that we will have to complete on Tuesday 29th January 2013:

  • Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron? – Something that contradicts itself

What is “cameraless” photography?


  • Been around since the late 1800’s
  • Put objects on photo sensitive paper
  • Like my encountering cultures and transparent acetate
  • Man Ray
    • “Rayograms”
  • Joy Gregory
    • The Language of Flowers
    • Uses old vintage photographic practices
    • Very traditional way
    • Artifacts in their own right
  • Garry Fabian Miller
    • Light
    • Colour
    • Space
  • V&A 2010
    • Major artists that used photograms
  • Floris Neususs
    • Sitting on photographic paper
    • German artist
    • Teaching, learning, educating
    • Be right back 1984/87
    • Plays with perception
  • Susan Derges
    • Video made to accompany her work in the V&A show
    • Shadow Catchers, 2010
    • Uses the moonlight to create the photograms
    • That’s a print, it’s a sun print” – About reflection of water through frogspawn
    • What underlies the visible rather than just show the visible
    • Dissolving
    • Absolutely stunning
    • Fantastic use of nature within art
    • The observer and the observed


  • John Stezaker
    • Labeled as a photograph even though he doesn’t take photos
    • Not a fact but a perspective
    • Juxtaposition – visual links
    • Quite vague about the specifics
    • Cameraless photography within montage

Digital Media

  • Pavel Maria Smejkel
    • Fatescapes, 2009” – same background as Robert Capa’s death of soldier
    • Looks at civil war photographers and ‘photographs’ the background without the action
    • Collections where he put his face and famous peoples faces in iconic images
  • Mishka Henner
    • No Man’s Land II”
    • Uses Google Earth to take his photos
    • Pumped” – through Google Earth he has looked at oil pumps – shown as a GIF
    • Less American’s” homage to the work of Robert Frank’s – “The American’s
    • He took the American’s out of the book but still showing the history
    • What information can you take away and it still make sense
    • http://mishka.lockandhenner.com/blog/?cat=66
  • Doug Rickard
  • Joachim Schmid
    • Pictures from the Street
    • Static
  • Thomson and Craighead
    • Belief” – two screens are shown at the same time from different places around the world and uses a compass to show where in the world these two videos are found
  • Jon Rafman

Small Group Task:

  • Jon Rafman
  • Born in Montreal, Canada
  • MFA – School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2008
  • BA – McGill University, 2004
  • “9-Eyes, ongoing”
    • Uses Google Earth to search for the unique and bizarre
    • Show irony and humour
    • http://9-eyes.com
  • “Remember Carthage, 2013”
  • “Codes of Honor, 2011”
  • “Kool-Aid Man in Second Life, 2009-2011”
  • “You, the World and I, 2010”
  • “Brand New Paint Job, ongoing”
  • “New Age Demanded, ongoing”
  • “Woods of Arcady, 2010”
  • “BNPJ.exe, 2010”
  • “Paint FX (R.I.P.), 2009”
  • Essay – “IMG MGMT: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View”
    • The world captured by Google appears to be more truthful and more transparent because of the weight accorded to external reality, the perception of a neutral, unbiased recording, and even the vastness of the project


There will be a forum created on Moodle – place a comment on what we have learnt today


Task to do ON Tuesday – will be viewed next seminar group:

1)   Make an aesthetically pleasing photogram – which you feel sums up something about yourself

Photogram 1 - Holly Constantine

Photogram 2 - Holly Constantine

Photogram 3 - Holly Constantine

Photogram 4 - Holly Constantine

Photogram 5 - Holly Constantine

Photogram 6 - Holly Constantine

Photogram 7 - Holly Constantine

2)   Make a collage about yourself using found imagery – which tells the audience about what you like to do in your spare time

Facebook Profile Picture Collage - Holly Constantine

This collage was created using my friends current Facebook Profile Pictures which I then stuck on my own Profile Picture. I also included found images of certain objects that my friends associate with me.