Reading Week Three – Seminar Group Discussion

On Tuesday 29th January 2013, we had our third and final Reading Seminar Discussion Group. As it was the last one for this semester, we decided to have a quick recap on the previous texts, a deeper discussion on this weeks texts, followed by sharing our ideas for our Assignment Two, and ending with being given a task to complete when we go to Ireland next week. Below are the notes that I took from this 45 minute seminar:


Week 1:

  • Barthes – Punctum (emotional)
  • Sontag – Tourism
  • Benjamin – Replication, de-valuing, context, aura


Week 2:

  • Tagg – evidence (truth, fact)
  • Tsinhnahjinnie – culture, facilitation of information within image
  • Levi-Strauss – authentic, are we still getting the message?



Ritchin F (1999) The Pixellated Press in In Our Own Images, Pages 8-24:

  • 1999
  • Looking at it in context of when it was written
  • Shocked about the manipulation
  • Weren’t told it was fake
  • Fred Ritchin
    • American
    • Picture editor of New York Times
    • Set up a school in New York
    • Did that enhance it?
    • Is it the truth?



Lister M. Photography in The Age of Electronic Imaging in Photography A Critical Introduction (Ed) Wells L Routledge London And New York, Pages 305-312:

  • Analogue and digital – progress
  • Some photographers still use analogue
  • Dated
  • Example that he is discussing is actually Fred Ritchin
  • Martha Rosler’s point
    • Post-modernism
    • Forget about representation and be creative
    • Technology is allowing us to do this
    • Can be creative if you say that you are being creative
    • Post-Photography



Assignment Two – Moving Images:

  • Only 25%
  • What is achievable?
  • Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • They don’t mind if it is not your footage, but how you show the story
  • Don’t be general
  • Be creative


In Ireland:

  • Paired with Katy Flanagan
  • Look at John Duncan’s work
  • Look at how they interpret conflict
  • Due Tuesday after Ireland