Skills Instruction and Storyboard Seminar

On Tuesday 19th February 2013, we had a Skills Instruction tutorial in the morning, followed by a seminar in the early afternoon. During the Skills Instruction tutorial, we were told to continue with our editing and ask for any help if necessary. I then took this as a good opportunity to ask how to export my video and upload it on to Vimeo. Below are the notes that I took from this session:


Exporting to Vimeo:

  • Bar at top has to fit over everything we want to export
  • File – Export – Export Media
  • Don’t tick Match Sequence Settings
  • Format – H.264
  • Preset – Vimeo HD 1080p 25
  • Estimated file size
    • If bigger than 500MB – Choose Vimeo HD 720p 25 Preset instead
  • It will then appear on desktop as MP4
  • Go on to Vimeo and upload video
  • Exporting will take about an hour
  • Uploading to Vimeo will take about an hour


In our seminar groups in the afternoon, we were asked to discuss our storyboards that we had created for our assignment two, followed by a discussion about our storyboarding task which has been given below. I also managed to show my first draft of my video which allowed me to get some useful feedback to influence my final piece. After the seminar, I then managed to have a quick question session with lecturer Caroline Molloy which gave me the opportunity to ask some questions related to my assignment one. Below is the storyboarding task that we were given, along with the notes that I took from this seminar:

Task –  Choose a 3 minute extract from a film of your choice and make 10 screen shots that sum up and tell the story of that extract of the film.

The Hunger Games – Tribute Parade:

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot 3

Screen Shot 4

Screen Shot 5

Screen Shot 6

Screen Shot 7

Screen Shot 8

Screen Shot 9

Screen Shot 10


Video Feedback:

  • Audio levels at the start of the film are a bit varied – change them to a constant level
  • Bump up the volume of the background track – especially at the beginning
  • Technique of hearing the people before we see them
    • Confusion – different people shown in footage to the voice; perhaps use blander footage rather than person oriented
  • Fade to black at end
  • Few clips didn’t work as well together – only about 20%
  • Music went well
    • Cuts out awkward silences
    • Sets the correct tone
  • Review the changes next week

How do they get the cartoon like effect? – Robbie Cooper

  • Wide angle lens
  • Contrast
  • Desaturation
  • Lighting – hard and direct

Debating about having a black background or natural?

  • Black shows greater influence and makes reaction stand out
  • Natural give is more authenticity – if it is a deliberate, staged background, the viewer will feel that the reactions are faked
  • Test it – include test as a couple of pages