Camera Obscura Tutorial

For our introduction to out 152MC module, we were taught how to make our own Camera Obscura and Pinhole Camera by lecturer George Rippon. Below are the notes and photos that I took during this introductory tutorial.

  • A camera is basically a lightproof box with a small aperture allowing light in
  • We add the essentials to make a proper camera, for example, lenses and film
  • Easter homework is found on 152MC Moodle
  • Camera Obscura
    • Light travels in straight lines – hence the inverted image
    • How will altering the size of the hole alter the image? – the smaller the hole, the sharper the image
    • Pinhole camera is essentially the same

Camera Obscura - Holly Constantine

To create the image, I put the settings on my camera to an ISO of 3200 and a Shutter Speed of 30 seconds. In post-production I then rotated my photograph 180 degrees and flipped it horizontally as the actual image is found upside-down and back to front.

Easter Camera Obscura

Easter Camera Obscura 2

These two photographs were taken over my Easter break as a small experiment. I used the same technical camera settings as the photo above. As you can see from these images, I decided to leave them as they were originally, by this I mean that I decided not to rotate of flip them in any way.

  • How to make a Pinehole camera with Justin Quinnell
  • Quality street box
  • Make it lightproof
    • Paint it black
    • Use blackboard paint from Wilkinson’s
    • Insulation or Gaffa tape placed round the lid each time
  • Shutter
    • Blue-tac with a square of black paper
  • Need to keep it steady
    • Blue-tac onto tripod
  • Photo paper that we use to make the negative has a very low ISO
  • Exposure time
    • Outside – 10, 20, 30 seconds
    • Inside – 3, 4, 5 minutes
  • Figure out how to calculate aperture from the size of the shutter
  • Larger area between the shutter and the paper = telephoto lens
  • Smaller area between shutter and paper = wide angle lens
  • Pinhole very small
    • File it down
    • It limits the light if it is too large
  • April 28th
    • Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
    • Resources – shows different basic templates and techniques
  • Should make our own camera obscura over Easter
  • The presentation will be put up on Moodle
    • Watch other video
    • Leaflet from the library