Holly Constantine’s Second Letter to Self – Reflection Upon the Past Year

6th April 2013

Dear Holly,

As you should recall, I wrote a letter to future you last September outlining different aspects within the first year of this course that you were looking forward to. This second letter is not only being written because you were requested to for your 154MC module, but because I generally think that this is a great way for you to reflect upon what you have learnt and where it has taken you.

The first thing that you wrote about, saying that you were really excited to learn these set of skills, was of course, film photography and the dark room. You learnt these abilities in your 150MC module where you learnt how to use the Mamiya 7 and Mamiya RB67 cameras, before being taught the process of dark room printing. You took to these like a duck to water! There is a part of me that thinks that the fact you were a blank slate when it came to this photographic technique actually helped. As you started from scratch you didn’t confuse yourself with a different process that you had previously learnt. It shows just how much you enjoyed the process when you received 63% and feedback that stated, “These are a set of beautifully produced prints.” I think it is safe to say that you will be revisiting this form of photography in the future!

The next aspect of photography that you were really looking forward to was the use of the studio and learning about different types of lighting to create a variety of atmospheres. You haven’t actually learnt about this yet as it is being taught in your next module: 152MC Working with Light. This doesn’t, however, mean that you haven’t already experimented with lighting equipment! You used it for one of your 151MC and 154MC assignments where you merely experimented with different angles and softness. You also asked your peers for help and were directed to a couple of YouTube videos which shows you how to analyse the lighting within a photograph in order to recreate it. You are incredibly excited about this next module, if not slightly worried that you have only five and a half weeks to complete it! (You are, after all, starting as a clean slate yet again!)

You also stated that you’d like to be able to learn how to edit your images effectively. This was greatly achieved through your Adobe Photoshop CS6 Add+Vantage course that you took in conjunction with a variety of tutorials that you attended during your Photography degree. Your Add+Vantage course took place over 10 weeks and resulted in a final exam where you received 68%, an easy pass.

I think it is safe to say that this course has exceeded your expectations and has enabled you to learn about the things that you have dreamed of learning. It has enabled your photographic confidence to grow through the success of your past assignments and is continuously building your people skills. Being surrounded by people that share the same passion as you has allowed you to blossom into a more outgoing individual.

As for the future? I am going to continue to enjoy every second of this opportunity and take for granted the resources that are available to me. I am going to build up my portfolio using a diverse amount of photographic techniques, and I am even planning on studying abroad for a year in order to broaden my skills and experience. Photography continues to be a passion of mine, and the fact that I am going to study it for at least another two years makes me glow with happiness.

Here’s to you. Here’s to your future.

Holly xx