Task 4 – Severn Trent Water Photographic Competition

On Wednesday 8th May 2013, we were given the brief for our fourth task for our 152MC Working with Light module. As I have done with my previous briefs, I read through them several times before highlighting any key points that I though were important. Below I have written these main points, as I was unable to copy and paste the PDF file:

“… Follow a pre-defined competition brief for Sever Trent Water.”

“… Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the competition…” 

“… Final competition submission date of May 31st.”

“Completing this task will demonstrate you have the editorial skills to follow a set brief.”

“The class will be visiting the local Severn Trent reservoirs on May 14th.”

“… Submit at least two images to the competition (by the competition deadline) and 2-5 images for the final assessed submission (your assessed submission can be in digital format)…”

After looking through these 6 main points of the brief, I then decided that the best idea would be to look at the link to the photographic competition.


As you can see if you follow the link that I placed above, this page gives all the main details that I would need for entering this competition.

The first link I came to on this page was the “Visit our reservoirs now” hyperlink where I decided that it would be a good idea to do some background research on the possible reservoirs that we could be visiting. Below I have included the main points of the two possible visiting sites:

Draycote Water:

Draycote Water is an ideal place for a family day out in Warwickshire. Whether you are planning a gentle walk, some cycling or spotting some wildlife, there is lots to do at this great site.

If you are bringing the whole family, the Country Park offers plenty of space for games and barbeques. There is also a sailing club and trout fishery for those looking for an activity to get involved with and the newly refurbished visitor centre is now open.  The brand new childrens’ play area has also just opened.

What you can do at Draycote Water:

  • Bird & wildlife watching
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Walking
  • Water sports
  • Picnic area”


Shustoke Reservoirs:

“Shustoke Reservoirs are a haven of tranquility with plenty of wildlife to observe. In the spring, the banks of the reservoir are covered in an impressive display of wildflowers, such as cowslips and lady’s smock.  There are a variety of walks including links to the Heart of England Way and Centenary Way. The North Warwickshire Cycle Way also links to the site.

What you can do at Shustoke:

  • Fishing
  • Walking
  • Water sports
  • Picnic area”


Looking into these two reservoirs has enabled me to understand the activities there that I will be able to photograph which will therefore influence which equipment I will be willing to take.

The next hyperlink that I came across on the original competition site was the “Application form” which I downloaded and saved to my Task 4 work folder.

The final, and most important link that was displayed on this webpage was the “Terms and Conditions”. I clicked on this hyperlink, which allowed me to download the PDF where I then thought it would be a good idea if I read through them before I started this task. Within these terms and conditions was a variety of important information that I would need to take into account if I wish to enter this competition. If you wish to see the terms and conditions in full, then please revisit the hyperlink above.

The final thing that I thought would be ideal to check was the weather forecast for the day at the time I was planning on going. This would enable me to help decide on the equipment that I will need to take with me and will allow me to begin roughly pre-visualizing the images I would be taking. As the weather is constantly changing, I will need to continue to check on this on a regular basis to notify myself of any changes so that I can adapt accordingly. Below is the hyperlink to the BBC Weather website where I got my information from:


After completing all of this relevant research, the next step is for me to simply go to the reservoir and take my images. This brief is very opportunistic and will help me learn the skills of adaption in certain circumstances and how to follow a set brief.

My Images:

During the three hours spent at the Draycote Water Reservoir in Warwickshire, I took a total of 198 images. Out of these images, I went through a long selection process to choose my favourite images that I felt met the brief of the photographic competition the most. I then edited these according to the competitions terms and conditions. Below are the five final photographs that I am displaying for my module, followed by the three images that I have sent off to the competition director.

Final Five Module Images:






Final Competition Images: