Holiday Homework 2013 – Task 3 (Re-doing a Piece of Work)

For Task 3 of or Holiday Homework, I did the usual and have placed the key bits of information from the brief below:

“Choose something from the past years project work that you would like to rework.”

“Spend time over the summer break researching and improving one of your projects.”


As soon as I had read through this task, I decided that I wanted to revisit the project that gave me my lowest grade. This was the 150MC Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice Assignment 2 that contributed to 25% of the overall mark and consisted of me preparing a short 10 minute presentation on the practice of my four given working practitioners. This assignment received a 58% grading along with a feedback form that we were given in our APT’s.

For me to complete this task, I plan on revisiting my feedback sheet and changing any components that were suggested. Also, as this assignment wanted us to focus on the “research and explore the work of a wide range of photographers/artists and to consider links between their numerous bodies of work”, I feel that the Library Workshop and Photobook Club Session that Matt Johnston took in May will help greatly with this task (notes from this session are found at Below I have written out the important feedback points that I received:

“Better to look at pictures and hear words – no images until 4 minutes into the talk (almost halfway)” 

“… Lacking in critical analysis within their practice with respect to some of the key concepts and debates in the field of media and communication.” – get rid of shutter speed and aperture estimations

“… Lacks appropriate critical investigation…”

“The introduction that discussed process, this could be edited a bit.”

“You need to think about what information the audience needs to hear to support your argument.”

“Is the information relevant to the presentation?”

“More reflection on the photographs discussed…”

“You summaries your presentation but do not offer any conclusions, in doing this could help draw the presentation to a close and give you the opportunity of finding links between the photographers discussed.”


After re-reading all of the feedback I was given and the brief, I then spent time changing my presentation as a response to these key pieces of information.

Unfortunately, as it is a PowerPoint presentation I am unable to upload it onto my blog, but instead, after receiving feedback on my changes, I plan on writing it up in order to allow you to see how my changes affected my new grade.