Holiday 2013 Independent Task

As you have seen from my previous blog posts, I was given four tasks to complete over the summer holidays. Along with completing these I also decided that I wanted to set myself an individual task to complete in order to improve some of the skills that I learnt during my first year at university.

I therefore decided that I was going to buy a number of disposable cameras and I would use these to try and achieve the best possible shot out of a situation.

I know this sounds pretty simple, but the fact that these are simple film cameras means that I will not be able to view the image straight away and will therefore not know whether I want to re-shoot it. This consequently means that I will take more time planning the shot and waiting for the decisive moment before capturing it. I will be enhancing my pre-visualization skills.

I could also have used another form of film camera that I was taught how to use in the first year of university but I decided not to for two main reasons; The first being that I was unable to get a hold of the appropriate equipment, and the second was the fact that disposable cameras are much easier and cheaper to develop, thus allowing me more time to experiment and improve upon these pre-visualization skills.

Below I have placed all of the images from this project followed by a narrowed down collection of my favourites which I then spent time editing:

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