Presentation and Output Seminar

On Thursday 21st November 2013, due to the fact that our deadline was the following Monday, we spent the majority of the day receiving production support for these projects. However, in the afternoon, we attended a seminar taken by our new teaching assistant, Chantal Reikel. Below are the notes that I took throughout this particular seminar:

Presenting Your Work:

  • Finding the right format
    • What is appropriate for your idea?
    • What will help to engage the viewer?
    • Communicating feelings
  • Options
    • Prints – mounted or framed?
    • How does your work connects to the space
    • How much/little text will you include?
  • Considerations
    • Not to be rushed because of cost
    • Adapting the work to the context
  • Sketch Up Software?
    • Free
    • Find online
  • Formats
    • Prints
    • Installation
    • Projection
    • Book – can include more images
    • Magazine
    • Website/blog
    • Several outputs combined
  • Ewa Axelrad “Play Dead” (2008)


  • Donovan Wylie “Scrapbook”


  • Annette MessagerMy Vows” (1988-91)
    • My idea – circle represents porthole which is in turn related to voyeurism; it is a very voyeuristic piece


  • Robert Wilkinson “Create and be Recognized”
    • Outsider art – made by people who are not trained to be artists and create things as a way of expressing themselves
  • Wolfgang Tillmans
    • Well known for his photo installations
    • Uses wall space in imaginative way


  • Susan HillerMonument”
    • Work of both images and sounds

Monument 1980-1 by Susan Hiller born 1940