Professional Practice – Second Lecture

On Thursday 5th December 2013, I attended a 3 hour lecture which consisted of a discussion surrounding our 201MC module “Professional Practice”. Below are the notes that I took within this session:


  • GCSEs no longer very important
  • Summarize – 8 GCSE’s ranging from A*-C
  • A-Levels should be on one line, not five, list, then summarize
  • 2nd Year Coventry University – should be on first line of Education section
  • Don’t need a list of modules – write a summary of what you have learnt so far
    • I have worked on projects with…
    • I am learning…
    • We worked with…
    • I have a portfolio of work…
    • I have done an exhibition as…
  • Work experience
    • Include professional placements (engagement)
    • Summarize part-time jobs
  • Skills
    • Transferable skills – computer, communication…
  • References
    • Definitely have two references
    • Have to have someone from here – have to approach a member of staff asking them
    • Can have someone from part-time job
    • Dates should be included
    • Should be able to account for gaps – travelling, university, etc.

Work Placements:

  • Dimple Rajput
    • GSG17
    • 02476 887767
    • @FuturesAd

Why do a placement?

  • Outcomes
    • Building your industry/sector knowledge
    • Taster for the area of work you are looking to enter
  • Benefits
    • Enhancing your career – getting a step ahead competition
    • Gaining contacts and networking
  • Process
    • Student Guide to Work Placements
    • Source placements
    • WP01 Work Placement Information Form – before starting placement
    • Meet with tutor – make sure it is worth while
    • WP02 Placement Starter Pack– beginning of your placement
    • WP03 Student Evaluation Form – after placement
    • Send all forms to
  • What makes a safe placement?
    • Repatriation cover – check this is included in your insurance especially if the placement is overseas
    • Placements overseas – EH1C card
    • Personal safety – research location of where you are going; are you going to rely on public transport? Accommodation?
    • Keep in touch – tutor, creative futures, family and friends
  • Freelance
    • You’re the business
    • Contact supervisor is your tutor
    • Write time sheet



  • New risk assessment form – stays within the department, do not send to creative futures and keep as evidence