Professional Practise – Third Lecture

On 8th January 2014 (my birthday!), we had our third lecture about the Professional Placement module. Within this lecture, we simply ran through all of the health and safety forms again before being given our second assignment. All of the notes from this lecture are given below:

How to evidence freelance work:

  • Keep a list of all of the jobs you do – dates and times
  • Put it in your blog
  • Have it in your video assignment

Video Assignment:

  • DUE DATE – 12th May 2014
  • Reflection on all of your placements – what you learnt, skills you gained
  • Can talk about freelance placements as a whole



  • “Produce a 5 minute audio-visual presentation reflecting on your completed professional experience”
  • “Identify the professional skills that you went into the experience with”
  • “Reflect on your professional experience and what you have learnt from it”
  • “Consider the quality of the product/work your professional experience produced”
  • “The rationale behind your professional experience – did you choose to work on a self-managed project or have you chosen a more professional placement? What informed your choice?”
  • “The professional experience journey – think when, why, how, who, what, etc. What prior knowledge in terms of skills and contacts informed your chosen path? How has your armory of practical attributes been enhanced – or not – by your experience? How has your experience informed your overall career plan? Think about whether your intentions at the outset have been met. How might your plans change in light of what you have experienced?”
  • “Next steps – How do you use this experience to benefit you in the future? Have you identified any skills gaps, which need filling before you hit the job market? How are you going to fill them?”
  • “Conclusion – what went well and why? What can you take from that for the future? Be honest in weighing up your role in the success of the experience.”
  • “Your presentation should be accompanied by evidence of the following elements:
    • 20 full days of work – write a daily post on your blog
    • Update your CV in light of your experience”
  • “Your reflection should make reference to:
    • Teamwork – reflect on your role in a team (what did you do well, what did you not do well, what would you do better next time?) Ask others to reflect on you as a team member
    • Your creative work – reflect on the progression of your creative skills. Produce or exhibit your creative works, develop your webfolio or publish a blog on your work placement
    • Learning development – consider what skills or knowledge you have progressed as a direct result of this module”