#Picbod Week 5 Task – Empowerment


Through the first four workshops you have explored the power relationship between photographer and subject, starting with yourself before looking at someone close to you and a stranger. You should now apply your skills garnered through these and the technical workshops to assist either a stranger or someone you already know* to make their own portrait.

You should not take charge of the photographic conversation but should empower the ‘subjects’ in being able to make their own pre-visualization and chosen representation, a reality.

*You should not work with someone who has previous photographic experience

My Response:

After receiving this week’s task entitled “Empowerment”, I automatically thought about photographing my boyfriend Oli. However, although I do see him as my greatest muse and have used him a lot as a subject in previous tasks and project, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself by photographing someone that I haven’t photographed before.

I therefore chose to photograph my friend Rosie Floyd. Although I do know her relatively well, photographically, she is a stranger to me. I haven’t photographed her before, and know from past approaches that she doesn’t necessarily enjoy having her photograph taken and is relatively fussy about photographs of herself; but this is one of the reasons why I chose to approach her for this task.

Also, as I am technically assisting her taking her own photograph, I feel that she will feel slightly more relaxed and I will be able to assist her in capturing a photograph that she will be happy with.

I have also decided to get out the Edirol Audio Recorder from the Media Loan Shop in order to record the discussion that takes place whilst I am assisting Rosie with her portraiture shoot. This idea came to me after watching Anthony Luvera’s Prologue to Isha (2006) Video in lectures, whilst also wanting to document the discussion between Rosie and I in an easy way.

The Shoot:

#Picbod Week 5 Task: Empowerment – Audio from the Photo Shoot with Rosie Floyd from Holly Constantine on Vimeo.

As you will be able to hear in the audio that I have uploaded for this task, Rosie and I decided that we wanted to try out two slightly different positions within the location of her bedroom (these can be seen below).

Along with other aspects that we discussed to do with the task, for example, lenses, positioning’s, and representation, the audio will also show that I started by showing Rosie some examples of Anthony Luvera’s work, and ended with a small discussion about choosing the photos and why she liked them.

Although this task was very much an assisted portrait, I found that Rosie constantly looked to me for advice and guidance. This got me thinking, and I soon realized that being a “photographer” in any situation automatically gains a greater authority, which allows individuals to feel as though they can look to you for your expertise and knowledge on a subject that they may not necessarily feel as comfortable with.


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Rosie’s Favourite Photos:

Below you can find the two images that Rosie Floyd decided were her favourite out of the two different locations:



Rosie’s Final Favourite Photo:

Below you can find the final image that Rosie decided was her overall favourite photograph, and the photo I will present as my final piece: