Digital Media: Mid-Term Presentations and Individual Tutorials

On Monday 10th February 2014, I went in to university to show my Mid-Term Presentation to half of my course. In this presentation, we had to include a number of things including a working site with our own domain name, some personalization of the WordPress software, a proposal of our image sets, blog posts, and some third party plugins. After receiving feedback from my peers, we then had an afternoon of individual tutorials that we could use to improve our website. The notes from these sessions, including my PowerPoint, can be found below:

Mid-Term Presentation Feedback:

Mid-Term Presentation

Feedback from Emma Shea:

  • Great ideas
  • Really impressive understanding of widgets
  • Good ideas and research for it
  • Ballpark grade = 4

Feedback from Lucy Bartlett:

  • Clear research into what you want your website to look like
  • Blog is fine – just carry on documenting everything
  • Customisation and plugins done on blog
  • Planned everything – knows what to do next
  • Work, Rest, and Play – planned and considered, just need to do it
  • Ballpark Grade = 4

Feedback from Aaron Sehmar:

  • Knows what she wants and she is working hard to achieve it, even without not currently having the knowledge!
  • Ballpark Grade = 4


  • All my ideas are there, just need to do them
  • My creative tasks are the weakest aspect – need to plan them more
  • Blog is my strongest aspect
  • Ballpark Grade = 3

Individual Tutorials:

For the individual tutorials, Aaron Sehmar kindly agreed to help me with some questions that I had in regards to making my website in Dreamweaver. The questions and answers that he helped with can be found below:

How to add other text next to the drop-down menus

  • Need to make separate div tags for each component
  • Make a separate ID for each div tag component

Made different elements – how do I put them into one document – do I need to create one CSS file with all of the information?

  • Literally just need to copy and paste the code into one document – make sure the CSS code is in a document that is linked to the html file
  • Needed to rename all of the files so that they were one word and lower case, whilst also moving them into a single folder

How to make a horizontal gallery

  • Insert – layout object – div tag
  • Call ID sidescrollgallery – new CSS rule
  • Choose this document only under rule definition (can place the CSS code in the style.css document at a later date)
  • Go to Box – change width to 6000px and height to 500px, float left
  • Apply, Okay, Okay
  • Need to change the width after images have been inserted as you do not want the page to keep on scrolling

How do you make GIFF rollovers?

  • Image size is – no more than 700pixels wide on the longest side
    • Change the dpi to 72ppi
    • 650x650px
    • Save an image that is going to be your original image
    • Save another image that people are going to see when the mouse rolls over that image
    • Go onto Dreamweaver – Insert – Image Objects – Rollover Image
    • New window comes up – Untick preload rollover image, Upload original image, Upload rollover image, Ok

Responding to lecture notes – what needs to be included?

  • Almost researching
  • Respond to some lecture notes at the bottom of the blog posts – your views, has it influence you to do any research?

Responding to key readings – what needs to be included?

  • 500 words
  • Considered academic thoughtfulness
  • Evaluation
  • Always find an alternative view to what has been written about
  • Re-do Neil Postman response