Here Comes Everybody – My Response

Is the Internet rotting our brains? A common, and what seems to be constant, debate surrounding the Internet came into mind when attending this lecture.

Although, as discussed previously in lectures, the digital era has paved the way for citizen journalists and bloggers, this lecture made a good point in the fact that the audience have actually had to adapt in order to be able to successfully identify the authentic from the inauthentic. Now to me, this doesn’t necessarily suggest that the Internet is rotting our brains, but actually provides an argument against this claim by saying that the new digital natives have had to become a more aware species.

Another aspect that caught my attention during this lecture was the word “Advertising”. Although I haven’t recorded this in my notes, I distinctly remember discussing future plans for garages to install tailored advertising techniques in order to show you item or deal suggestions based on previous purchases (much like the famous scene in the Hollywood film “Minority Report”, starring Tom Cruise). Even though this hasn’t occurred yet, I am fearful of this change in technology as I feel that it will take away from the individuality of people. By suggesting items that the individual may have already bought means that they will be less likely to experiment with new trends and changes even though one of the main acts of the digital media is about facilitating change.


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