Knowledge is Power – My Response

After having this lecture, the main part of it that got me thinking was the democratization aspect. The idea that democracy will be received through the sharing of the internet and finding out the truth, along with the fact that the traditional gatekeepers have been eroded through the appearing citizen journalists and bloggers, really made me think about the current and constant struggle professional photographers have to face: the nonprofessionals. 

In Fred Ritchin’s book “After Photography”, he discusses theories surrounding the future of photography, with one of his main points being about the digital native nonprofessionals. As the digital era continues to expand and change, amateur photographers can achieve the same, high-quality image taking and editing that the professionals used to use as their differing attribute.

People may be excited about the democratization that the Internet (and adapting digital media) will bring, but as a photographer, this democratization simply increases my number of competitors.

But on the other hand, Ritchin also mentions how the art industry adapted when photography originally came onto the scene, creating a more experimental medium. That is why these nonprofessionals are not such a threat after all and this democratization of the digital world (I feel) will soon create a more creative and experimental industry.

Knowledge is Power Lecture Notes