Let the Dataset Change Your Mindset – My Response

Hybridity is not simply the expansion of digital media through creating hybrid forms, but it is also a process that has been adapted and practiced throughout a wide range of current industries. 

Hybridity is an incredibly powerful aspect in today’s digital era, and is usually taken for granted on a daily basis. As just one example of this, when a song is released from what we still call the music industry, we often expect them to also have their own music video. Is it therefore right to only call the music industry a music industry?

After receiving this lecture, I also soon came to find myself dividing the term hybridity into, what I like to call, the three E’s: expansion, exploration, and experimentation.

When looking back to the digital media example of hybridity, expansion can be used to explain how this industry has adapted and changed through the idea of exploring newly released technologies, as well as experimenting with the convergence of more than one process. 

With this in mind, Hybridity and it’s three E’s can be defined by an umbrella cliché of “pushing the boundaries”. It is in our human nature to want, and need, more, and so the increasing of the digital media and its technologies simply allows us to push these boundaries to a limit that we could not have imagined before.


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