The Power of The Network – My Response

I found this lecture incredibly interesting in terms of the reflection on the biology of the networks. The fact that nature seems to be reflected in our digital lives in more ways than one truly made me ponder about the complexity of not only living things but the daily networks we take for granted.

The biology of the world has always interested me, but one of my most inspiring topics is the anatomy and the biology behind the strongest aspect in the world: our brains.

The thought that something so technological, like the current digital media industry uses “basic” structural biology as an influence into its creation and evolution can be seen as both incredible and contradictory. After all, isn’t this digital age soon going to lead us to an era run by artificial intelligence? 

I then started to think about this digital media as a type of science, and once thinking about it, I realized that the science of technology and biology have both been studied and challenged in the same way through investigation and experimentation.

Mez mentioned that, in this digital age, there is no escaping the network, we rely on them and can never be network free. Just like our biology.


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