Virtually Real – Really Virtual – My Response

The aspect that I found interesting in this lecture was the Thirst for Illusion. I understand that we, as a human race, seem to want to be tricked, but it made me wonder as to when this trickery will stop. When will we be satisfied? When we are actually transported to a place to take part in an activity? There surely has to be some sort of limit, but I’m just interested as to what that limit will be.

In regards to experiencing an alternate reality, I can also understand the human desire for this, but what I am struggling to understand is the popular virtualities that we desire. For example, Fifa, the popular video game, simply shows a virtual reality that could quite easily be recreated through some football fanatics and imagination. Call of Duty, on the other hand, includes a very glamorized example of a profession, which the majority of people wouldn’t even dream about participating in. Why do we choose to immerse ourselves into these particular games?

One of my theories, one very depressing theory, is that deep down in our self-conscious, we know that we would never be able to achieve the things that we achieve in the game and so we deliberately transport ourselves to these virtual environments to feel a small sense of achievement. 


Virtually Real – Really Virtual –