Professional Practice – Fourth Lecture

On 27th March 2014, we had our fourth lecture about the Professional Placement module. Within this lecture, we simply went over some house-keeping before moving on to discussing our second assignment for the module. Please find all of the notes from this lecture below:

6 hours = 1 working day
20 days is a minimum
Keep track on our blog of what we have been doing – including time sheets



“Dear <tutor name> This week I have been based at the university where I am working with Joe Bloggs and Jane Doe. We are editing the footage we shot over the past 2 weeks. OR This week I am working at XYZ Media Company based in Inverness where I am helping with the social media campaign to promote their latest product.”

  • Subject Header:

Student Name, Student ID number, Course Initials e.g. Katy Farrell, 1234567, PH Please use the following abbreviations – Photography – PH” Form:

  • Fill out a form and send it to Tom (both will be put on Moodle)



  • Group D – Tuesday 13th May at 9:30 in ABG20
  • Need to fill out WP01 forms for each placement – DONE

Prepare a 5 minute audio visual presentation

  • Should be a video
  • Can be just audio
  • Can do a voice over PowerPoint presentation
  • If you’re talking, don’t have music
  • Doesn’t have to be good quality – it’s about content
  • Needs to be engaging – you will be marked on this
  • We will be showing it to 19 people – want them to ask you question
  • Have 5 minutes to show presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion

What we need to cover:

  • What did we know before this module?
  • What did we expect from this module?
  • What did we do for this module? – Summary

How it happened, what you have been doing, what have you learned?

  • Reflect on placements – can include what went wrong
  • The rationale behind your professional placement
  • The professional experience journey
  • Next steps
  • Conclusion – The good, the bad and the ugly

Supporting material: On your blog you should have:

  • 20 full days of work evidenced – write a daily post?!
  • Update your CV in light of your experience

Reflection: Your reflection should make reference to:

  •   Teamwork
  •   Your creative work
  •   Learning development


  • Link to video and blog to be put in a word document on Moodle