201MC Action Plan – Before and After


At the beginning of this Professional Placement module, I was unsure as to which future career path I wanted to take. That is why I decided to take the opportunity to experience 6 placements within a variety of different areas inside the photographic industry.

During this module, I therefore experienced 6 different placements including working with Fresh@CU, ePHOTOzine, Coventry City Handball Club, freelancing in Sydney, New Zealand and Hawaii, volunteering at Eastside Projects, and freelancing in Moscow.

In order to choose which placements I wanted to contribute to this Professional Placement module, I simply brain-stormed a number of different areas within the photographic industry that I thought I may be interested in and wanted to explore further. Depending on the placement, I then either applied for an appropriate position, got in contact with a company, or was approached by a company. (To see how I received the placements, in further detail, please visit the individual blog posts for each placement).

As well as wanting to achieve a greater understanding of my future career options, another aspect I wanted to aim for was to convert any previous weaknesses I had before the placement opportunities, and turn them into strengths, in order to enhance the variety of skills I possess.

To see the work behind each of these placements, please visit the appropriate blog posts that can be found on the main page of my blog.



As you may have seen through reading my individual blog posts, or watching my Assignment 2 video, the strategy that I created in order to try and achieve my personal aims of this module (to learn about different areas inside the photographic industry in order to achieve a greater understanding of the options that the industry had to offer and allow me to identify my future career path) were incredibly successful.

Each placement was a positive experience in one-way or another. Some placements challenged me more than others, but each opportunity benefited me either through skills that I acquired, weaknesses I converted, or general experiences and contacts that I gained.

As for my future career aim, due to the enjoyable and challenging placement and the successful publication of a number of articles, I am now seriously considering pursuing the path to becoming a photographic features writer.