201MC SWOT Analysis and CV

This blog post simply includes two SWOT analysis’ that I created for before and after my placements, and my revised CV after completing the 201MC module. I have also included a section discussing the skills that I have gained and how it will help me in the industry that I am studying in.

SWOT Analysis Before Placements

SWOT Analysis Before Placements

SWOT Analysis After Placements

SWOT Analysis After Placements

As you have seen, each of my placements have impacted my strengths and weaknesses to a degree where the majority of my weaknesses have been turned to strengths. This has left me with no particular skill gaps, but instead has left more personal weaknesses such as “emotional”, and “perfectionist”, which will only be changed through time as my experience and confidence grows.

Holly Constantine CV


As you may have seen in my Assignment 2 video, due to the enjoyable and challenging placement with ePHOTOzine, and the successful publication of a number of articles, I am now seriously considering pursuing the path to becoming a photographic features writer.

In order to be a successful Photographic features writer, the individual needs to have a number of transferable and specialist skills. From the SWOT analysis above (SWOT Analysis After Placements), I feel that I have the majority of strengths that have been created during this module will put me on the right track to becoming a successful writer. However, there are some skills that I gained during the ePHOTOzine placement that haven’t been mentioned in the SWOT analysis, and these include:

  • Research skills
  • Computer, camera and technology (software and editing) skills (specialist skill)
  • Writing skills (specialist skill)



Although I have previously said that the skills that I gained during the placement will help me in pursuing the path to becoming a photographic features writer, I also feel that I all of the strengths that I have gained are transferable skills that will also help me in numerous areas inside the photographic industry (shown above in SWOT Analysis After Placements), allowing me to easily adapt to any photographic opportunity that may come my way.