201MC Assignment 2 – Audio-Visual Presentation

This blog post is dedicated to my Assignment 2 for the 201MC Professional Practice module. This blog post includes planning, and research that took place before creating my final audio-visual video, and the completed version:




Before starting to create my audio-visual presentation, the lecturers suggested that we look at a couple of examples of last years videos in order to achieve an understanding of what is required. The videos that I looked at can be found below:

Imogen.Wall.Professional.Experiance.201MC from Imogen Wall on Vimeo.

Hollie Woodward 201MC: Professional Experience from Hollie Woodward on Vimeo.


After looking at the work of some last year students, the next step I had to take was to start planning my film. Below you can find a number of scans of different plans that I created during this process:

Plan page 1

Plan page 2

Plan page 3


After I had completed my plan for the video, the next logical step to take was to write the script. This can be found below:

Professional Placement Assignment 2 Script

Please note that due to the time limit on the audio-visual presentation, I had to cut down my script by quite a lot in order to fit the requirements of the brief. As I did this by hand, I have scanned in my edited script.


After writing the script, and looking back at my plan, I then created my final video that I would be submitting as my Assignment 2. This video can be found below:

201MC Professional Placement Assignment 2 by Holly Constantine from Holly Constantine on Vimeo.