202MC Rethink, React, Respond Introduction

On Friday 16th May 2014, I attended an introductory session to our final module of second year: 202MC Rethink, React, Respond. Below you can find all of the notes that I made from this session, including the names of my group members and the day we will be attending the trip.


  • Book for time period required
  • Book until 4:30 on the day you return
  • On the return journey, upload the items from the equipment

Module Overview:

Learning Objectives:

  • Plan and produce a collaborative media object, performing critical and creative analysis on a given brief
  • Reflect on your own learning to date and use it for this project
  • Situate your work within your personal and professional development


  • Form groups
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Book/prepare kit if needed

Week of May 19th:

  • One day trip to a mystery place
  • Project brief (assigned on coach)
  • Data collection on site

Week of June 2nd:

  • Groups showcase projects (do not want PowerPoints – like an exhibition piece, they will come and ask questions)
  • Groups assessed

Field Trip Logistics:

  • Leave at 9:30 – Fairfax Street Bus Stop
  • Be back by 5pm

Week Three Project Show:

  • Three groups per hour – 20 minutes per group
  • Come early to set up
  • Monday 2nd or Tuesday 3rd June
  • ET130

Health and Safety Form:

  • When on the coach we will be given a H&S form – we must fill it out and return it to them (it is a legal requirement)

Why are we doing this?

  • Be proactive and think on your feet
  • Cope with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Make sense of a non immediately straightforward situation
  • Autonomously find out an information needed
  • When uncertain, take decisions and educated guesses
  • Work effectively with new people under tight deadlines
  • Work creatively on an extremely open brief

Group Members:

  • Daisy Spivey
  • Konrad Maselko
  • Kieran Finch
  • Nathanael McGirr
  • Gemma Jarvis

Day of Trip:

  • Thursday 22nd May 2014
  • Group Number = 23