351MC #Phonar – Session One Reflection

In this introductory #phonar session, we covered a broad spectrum of ideas and theories whilst discussing the #phonar course. One of the main themes that interested me from this session was the idea surrounding the photograph and the image and how photography is seen as a “dead” medium within the digital age. We were introduced to the fact that a photograph and an image are completely different things in the sense that the photograph is a physical artifact and the image is digital and has an infinite amount of data. Following on from this, we also discussed that photography is now going through its second paradigm shift (the first being when photography broke away from painting) where the image is now breaking away from the photograph. Bearing this in mind, we then considered how more people nowadays think photography is “dead” due to the increase in accessible digital technologies.


The digital age has always interested me and I enjoy learning different theories surrounding this idea. Looking back at the main topics discussed above continues to increase my awareness on the changing photographic industry (and how it is being digitally transformed) and the broadening competition of amateur photographers. Being able to identify and understand these aspects enables me to think about my personal practice and determine how I can adapt it to the ever-changing industry, not only as a way of appealing to an audience comprised of a majority of digital natives, but also as a way of embracing and experimenting with digital techniques (for example, audio).