352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Initial Ideas

To start off the developmental work for my 352MC Professional Photographic Practice (or Final Major project/FMP) module, below I have included my favourite FMP idea that I thought of over my 2014 summer break. Although I came up with a number of different ideas over the summer holiday (please see PDF’s included below), I was drawn more to this one as I thought it had a lot more potential than the others. Included in this “initial idea” blog post is therefore information about the project I have chosen, including the general gist of the project, aspects of the project, final piece ideas (so far), initial project plans (including places to visit) and possible dates to go to the Lake District.

Research Ideas for Final Major Project

Looking at Previous Students Work – Research for Symposium and Final Major Project

Ideas for Final Major Project



Idea 1 – Landscapes (Lake District):

How did I come up with the idea?

  • I thought about my photographic roots and what I used to enjoy photographing before I had to adapt to the urban environment of Coventry (landscapes), and the underlying inspiration for my love of landscapes that I gained through my Grandpa and our regular trips to the Lake District

What is the general gist of the project?

  • I want to visit a number of places in the Lake District where we used to go as a family, and document them (mainly visually) by focusing primarily on my personal memories that I have of Grandpa in certain places in the Lake District; I may also, however, be visiting certain places in the Lake District that meant a lot to my Grandpa that I never got the opportunity to explore with him
  • I want to take this opportunity to complete this project with my Dad in order to make it a father-daughter/ Constantine/ generational bonding project that I feel would make my Grandpa happy
  • This project will be dedicated to my Grandpa, the person who started my passion for both photography and the landscapes of the Lake District
  • I want to try and reconnect with my Grandpa through visiting the places in my memories and exploring some of his favourite locations
  • The Lake District is a constant and timeless environment that we can continue to revisit that seems to compress the time between memories making them easier for us to remember. The Lake District has seen three generations of Constantine’s grow up

What will the project be made up of?

  • I plan on including a number of different aspects within my final piece in order to make it a more in depth project, allowing my viewers to achieve the best possible understanding of the project and what it means to me
  • Archival aspects – I plan on including a number of photos of Grandpa (mainly in the Lake District and some showing him with his camera), maybe a couple of photos and videos taken by Grandpa himself, letters to me from Grandpa, and materials that I collect on my travels to the Lake District and during my project
  • Project – I plan on including photographs of the different places that I remembered I visited with Grandpa and places that meant a lot to him that I didn’t have the opportunity to explore with him; these will include mainly landscapes, but will also include images of the exterior and interior of certain buildings; I may also look at the images that I have found of Grandpa and try to recreate these images with the next two generations of Constantine’s
  • Method – I am thinking of also including aspects in my final piece that show the experience I undertook when creating this project including polaroid’s of the experience (so photos of me and my dad visiting/revisiting these places); I am also thinking about making a diary of the experience and including this within my final piece but feel that this might take away from the focus of trying to reconnect with my Grandpa; I will also try to fix my grandpas old cinematic and Olympus camera and am considering (if they are fixed on time) if I could use these to create my project or to film the behind the scenes and experience of the project

What will the final piece include? (Ideas so far):

  • Framed photos of landscapes/places on a relatively large scale – thinking maybe three really strong images
  • A glass cabinet for archival and method aspects of the project (see above)
  • A book – as I enjoy writing, I want to incorporate this into my final piece as it will also allow me to explain the personal symbolism of each place/aspect of the project, allowing the viewer to receive a greater understanding of the project and its meaning to me

Initial Project Plan (including ideas of places to visit that have either been remembered through memory or through looking at old family photos):

  • I want to visit the Lake District 2-3 times in order to capture different seasonal shots (Autumn, Winter, Spring?) as well as capturing shots throughout the day
  • List of ideas of places including brief descriptions of my initial thoughts about the place:
    • Buttermere – View of Haystacks from Buttermere
    • Haystacks – Looking down over Buttermere
    •  Catbells
    • The Langdales
    • Latrigg – Try and find the plaques that we buried as a part of the scattering of the ashes ceremony (would need a metal detector); Would want to do this in the snow as it was snowing the day of the ceremony
    • Chesters by the River – The bridge and the exterior and interior of the cafe
    • Long House Cottage – The exterior of the cottage as well as a photo of the kitchen where I remember Grandpa singing (can we remember what song he was singing? – most likely Nat King Cole)
    • Betty’s (York) – Name of the café on the exterior (what we used to call Nanny) and a photo of the booth where I remember Grandpa laughing hysterically
    • High Force Falls (Forest-in-Teesdale)
    • Greystoke (Where Grandpa always used to stay)
    • Thanet Well Lodges? (where we stayed when we scattered Grandpa’s ashes) – would want to visit this place in the winter when there is snow on the ground as it was snowing when we stayed there originally
    • Caldbeck
    • Keswick
    • Ashness Bridge?
    • Surprise View?
    • Arcadia Garden Centre?
    • Grisedale Tarn?
    • Derwent Water?
    • Castle Crag?
    • Red Pike?
    • Crummock Water?
    • Loweswater?
    • High Crags?
    • Blea Crag?
    • Wassdale?
    • Dale Head?
    • Stickle Tarn?
    • Green Gable?
    • Great Gable?
    • Harrison Stickle?
    • Watendlath?
    • Borrowdale?
    • Helvelyn/Stridding Edge?
    • Loughrigg Tarn?
    • High Snockrigg?
    • Roseberry Topping?

 Final list of places we’re going to visit:

After thinking about and researching the long list of places in the Lake District that we can relate back to Grandpa, I then decided to go through the list and narrow it down to the more personal places, that mean a lot to me, through being able to remember certain memories that I have about Grandpa. This list includes the names of the places, brief descriptions of my personal memories, and any plans that I have thought about for this particular place so far:


  • Buttermere and Haystacks
    • Buttermere and Haystacks was one of Grandpa’s favourite places to visit in the Lake District because it was my Nanny’s favourite mountain
    • (Nanny read books about the Lake District by Alfred Wainwright in order to find some of her favourite routes. Alfred Wainwright’s ashes were scattered in Inanimate Tarn at the top of Haystacks which is where Nanny wanted her ashes to be scattered, however, Grandpa changed this idea so that she was scattered on Latrigg to make sure that he could still visit her in his old age.)
    • Buttermere is where I have a memory of my Grandpa talking me through a possible photograph opportunity with Haystacks in the background and some wooden boats in the foreground and I remember him getting very excited about the process of me composing and taking an image and the camera that I had; The walk to Haystacks was also the last ever Lakeland walk Grandpa attempted and due to his age and physical capability he only made it about half way before slipping into a stream and having my Dad almost carry him back to the car
    • I will take photos of the view of Haystacks from Buttermere and looking down over Buttermere from Haystacks; on top of Haystacks would be a good place to photograph a sunrise over Buttermere as the sun will rise over an impressive set of hills; I will also perhaps photograph the stream in which Grandpa fell and the car park that we had to help him back to
  • Catbells
    • Catbells is one of those general family favourites which we have climbed numerous times; It has beautiful views of the Northern Lakes which used to be Grandpa and Nanny’s favourite area for a while
    • I plan on taking images of the gorgeous views of and from Catbells in general in order to highlight why it is indeed one of our family favourites
  • Latrigg
    • Latrigg is where we actually scattered both Nanny and Grandpa’s ashes after Grandpa decided that Haystacks was too far for him to travel on his own, in his old age, to visit his loving wife after her depart – I therefore hold a very strong memory about the scattering of my Grandpa’s ashes (not so much the scattering of my Nanny’s though as I was so young at the time)
    • I would like to try and find the plaques that we buried as a part of the scattering of the ashes ceremony (would need metal detector) and (after receiving permission from the family) I would like to dig these up in order to enhance one of my most recent Grandpa related memories (however, if I get permission for this, I would obviously place them back where I found them); I would also want to do this in the snow as it was snowing on the day of the ceremony
  • High Snockrigg?
    • The walk to High Snockrigg is only a short walk from the top of Newland’s Valley and was one of Grandpa and Nanny’s favourite walks in terms of the views of both Buttermere and Haystacks; it was also the second walk that I was ever taken on with Mum, Dad, Grandpa, and Nanny
    • This would be a good place to visit in order to achieve sensational shots of both Buttermere and Haystacks which is another place that meant a lot to both Grandpa and me



  • The Langdales (including Stickle Tarn)
    • Walking up the Langdales to Stickle Tarn is the first walk that Grandpa and Nanny did together? and is also the first walk I was ever taken on with Mum, Dad, Grandpa, and Nanny
    • The Langdales was also Grandpa’s favourite view in the Lake District and, although I don’t particular remember the destination, I remember walking along the path (that was actually up to Stickle Tarn) on one of Grandpa’s last Lakeland walks, and the fact that this was the first time that I actually realized how old and frail he was due to the slow pace we went at
  • Chesters by the River (Skelwith Bridge)
    • I would like to photograph Skelwith Bridge and the exterior and interior of the café as every time we went to the Lake District, we tended to visit this café before our journey back as a farewell to the Lake District and to the family that would depart in different directions; We had a lot of very emotional farewells here
  • Long House Cottage
    • I would like to photograph the exterior of the cottage as well as a photo of the kitchen where I remember Grandpa singing (can we remember what song he was singing? – most likely Nat King Cole); this is the last living, most vibrant memory I have of Grandpa before having to say goodbye to him at the funeral 
  • Ashness Bridge and Surprise View?
    • We can get to both of these in the car making them a popular destination for the whole family; and I remember that we often bought fish and chips and drove to this particular area to eat them over-looking the views; It’s one of these nice places that we tend to enjoy revisiting
  • Loughrigg Tarn?
    • Loughrigg Tarn is where we placed Lily’s in the water as a part of Nanny’s farewell ceremony the day after Latrigg and it was the first time that I saw my Grandpa cry (I saw another side of him that day); It was also one of Grandpa and Nanny’s favourite walks (around the Tarn) as they got older, due to it’s less challenging nature, and they used to finish the walk by heading down to Chesters for tea and cake



  • Helvelyn/Stridding Edge
    • Helvelyn and Stridding Edge was more of a Grandpa and Dad thing; when Dad was quite young (around 10 or 11) Grandpa and Dad decided to do it as a day trip adventure from Middleborough after dropping Nanny off at work as she wasn’t too keen on the idea; this was where Dad said he learnt the life lesson of “If you want to get to the top, you have to work for it” due to the hills never-ending nature
    • I would be really interested in completing this walk as a day trip with my Dad, similarly to how he did it with Grandpa, as a way of making it a generational memory and tradition
    • I would look for photographs that both Grandpa and Dad took during their adventure and perhaps try to recreate some of these photos to show the similar aspect and the generational tradition; I would also obviously take photographs of the mountain’s beauty whilst also recording the process and behind the scenes 

Possible Dates to go to the Lake District:

  • Saturday18th – Sunday 19th October 2014