352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Getting the “Go Ahead” (One-to-One Tutorial with Matt Johnston)

As you can see from the previous blog post entitled “352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Initial Ideas”, I had already begun the planning process in relation to my FMP. After planning quite a lot of my final project idea, and before visiting the Lake District on the weekend of the 18th of October (suggested in the previous blog post), I decided that it would be a good idea to talk to my lecturer, Matt Johnston, to see whether he liked the idea and if I should pursue it further. Below you can find the notes that I took whilst in this one-to-one session:

(Please note, italics indicate any questions I had, or answers that I gave to some of Matt’s questions).


Photographers to Look At:


Books and Photobooks to Read/Look at:

  • Poetry of Gary Snyder
  • Poetry of Edward Thomas
  • “Four Fields” by Tim Dee
  • “The Old Ways” by Robert Macfarlane
  • “The Marshes” by Samuel Wright
  • “Power Places” by Joseph Wilcox
  • “The Pond” by John Gossage – one of the first to create a collection of landscape images for a photographic project (i.e. rather than to use them to illustrate an article etc.); he created something very different that read like a short story


What Matt Suggested:

  • Go up to the Lake District once just to see and feel the surroundings before taking any photographs – get your bearings
  • Slow it down – don’t rush to take images, visit the places first and grasp them before starting your project
  • Talk to Lucy Johnston in 2nd Year – she knows a lot about the books that I’ve mentioned and could be a good photographic assistant if you need one


“I also wanted to include images of cafes and buildings that I distinctively remember – will these work well with the landscape images?”

  • What you have to remember is that these are a type of landscape, just not the typical, natural landscape people tend to think of
  • Visit the café and take Stephen Shore type images
  • Look at wide and macro landscape (still-lives?)


You need to try and make it more universal to the viewer, how is this project doing this?

  • I think that at some point in their life, everyone experiences loss and find a great need to reconnect with lost ones through visiting their memories both metaphorically and physically