350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 4

On Tuesday 21st October 2014, I attended a day of lectures for my 350MC Symposium module where we were split into two different groups: a proposal pitch group and a review group. I started off the day in the proposal pitch group where I had to wait until 11:40 to pitch my idea to the review group. In this short 10-minute session I told them about my idea before receiving feedback from my peers, Anthony Luvera, Kate McMillian, and Daniel Campbell Blight. I then spent the second half of the day in the review group listening to other people’s proposals and ideas. The notes from my proposal pitch feedback session can be found below:

Proposal Pitch Feedback:

  • Look at Ulrich Baer’s “Spectral Evidence: The Photography of Trauma
  • Read Paul Ricoeur’s (French theorist) “Memory, History and Forgetting
  • Look at “The Art of Memory” by Francis Yates
  • In order to make my presentation more specific, I should look at artists and photographers that focus on the particular region that I am interested in (the Lake District) and look at how they perceive the memory of Landscapes