350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 5

On Tuesday 28th October 2014, I attended half a day of university that was dedicated solely to our 350MC Symposium module. We started off the day with a small discussion where each of the Symposium Production Teams presented what they were working on at this point in time, before being given advice on where to go next. The whole year was then split into two groups and I was in the group lead by Kate McMillan. Within this group, we were asked to discuss each of our Symposium ideas before receiving slightly more detailed feedback on where we should be going with our research. All of the notes from today’s session can be found below:

10 minute presentation is about 2,500-3,000 words

Start with about 10,000 words of notes before distilling it down


Symposium Idea Feedback:

It’s all about what you type into Google Search that will help you to find appropriate resources. Try things like:

  • Cultural theory, memory and landscapes scholarly
  • Memory culture landscape scholarly

Would also be good to look at:

  • Situated knowledge in cultural theory
  • Theorists:
    • Spivik and Gnew?
    • Karen Till

Also, try and determine what it is about the remembering of the landscapes – is it loss, trauma, something that has been concealed by the landscape?

  • Try and define the critical context that is meaningful to you – for example, are you looking at lost memories that you are trying to retrieve?

Where to go from here:

  • Identify the types of memories you’re looking at for your final piece as this will help you find more appropriate theories
  • Look at different artists and photographers that look at
  • Maybe look at remembrance theories?

Within the Symposium presentation you can also say that the ideas have come from your own personal experiences