350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 7

On Tuesday 11th November 2014, I attended a half-day of lectures (lectures were cancelled across the university between 1pm and 3pm for the Student Union Annual Student Meeting) that were dedicated to the 350MC Symposium module. We started the day with a half an hour session in our Production Groups where my group continued to organize the schedule for the Symposium event. Then, between 10 and 11am we had talks lead by past third year student, Kate Green who discussed her Symposium experience. All of the notes from this morning session can be found below:

Kate Green:


At the beginning of Kate Green’s talk, she decided to show us her Symposium presentation before allowing us to ask any questions we had about her Symposium experience and general last year enquiries. Her talk, the questions and the tips she gave us can be found below:

Archives’ Digital Responsibilities Symposium from Kate Green on Vimeo.


  1. How many words did you write for your 10-minute presentation?
    About 1600 words
  2. Where you nervous all the way through or did you relax after a while?
    Started to relax after a while but that’s just because I was prepared and knew my content. You need to practice, not only by yourself but with a critical peer that can help you analyze your performance.
  3. How was the question section of your presentation?
    It was okay, I got asked loads of awkward questions but because I was prepared and knew my content, it was easy for me to answer them. You need to remember that you are the expert on your research project, you should know all of the answers through your research.
  4. When you use quotes or photographs, do you need to reference them in your speech?
    Not in your speech, but you need to include it within you PowerPoint presentation. Use Harvard Referencing at the end of the presentation.
  5. What did you put up on your blog?
    I put everything up on my blog, probably about 60 blog posts worth, but it is all about the evaluation of the resources that you use, not just the presentation. A peer called Sophie did intensive reflections and got over 80%.
  6. What do you include in the Symposium evaluation?
    Analyse your script, talk about your experience, what would you change?
  7. Do you know which module grades are taken forward for our overall degree grade?
    It has to include your symposium and your Final Degree Show Project, but then they just take your best marks from Years 2 and 3 that makes the credit total 120.


You need to back up everything you say.

You need to start writing sooner rather than later. Use your friends at the beginning and send your drafts round, as you need fresh eyes on your work. Once you’re getting towards your final draft, try it out on family or someone that doesn’t know a lot about photography and see if they understand it. The more you write, the better it will be.

Practice, practice, practice.

It’s a very difficult module to get a good mark in.