350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 8

On Tuesday 18th November 2014, our main lecturer Anthony Luvera wasn’t in, which mean that the days session was taken by George Rippon and Daniel Campbell Blight. We started the day by splitting into our Symposium Working groups where my Event Management group continued with organizing the schedule of the day, contacted possible guest speakers, and presented the revised schedule to the rest of the group. We then spent the rest of the day taking it in turns to present our revised proposal to the rest of the group. Feedback from my revised proposal and general class feedback can be found below:

Revised Proposal Feedback:

Daniel Campbell Blight suggested that I look at a couple of photographers including:

  • David Birkin “Profiles” (2011 – 2012)
    • “’Profiles’ addresses the relationship between spectacle and loss. Sidestepping the representational remit of conventional war photography, it reflects on the visibility of civilian casualties of the Iraq War and the paucity of such images.”
    • http://www.davidbirkin.net/work/#/profiles/
  • Idris Khan

Apart from this, Daniel said that I was at a very good point, at this particular time, for my Symposium and that he could see that I have done a lot of research into the subject matter.


General Class Feedback:

  • Only one person showed something on the projector today (me) – we should be able to show some material
  • Presentations for two weeks time (Tuesday 2nd December)
    • Small PowerPoint presentation that gives examples of the work you’re looking at – caption the photographs appropriately
    • Create a word document of the bibliography that is alphabetized and in Harvard Referencing
      • Two groups; first looking at generalized books, second more specific readings to your idea