350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 12

On Tuesday 6th January 2015, I attended my first day of lectures in the New Year that was dedicated to the Symposium Module. We started the day off with our standard Production Group meetings followed by a group presentations to our guests, Matt Johnston and George Rippon. During this presentation, Matt and George provided us with feedback on each group’s plans from an “outsiders” perspective. Following this, we were then split into four different groups and were asked to attend a group tutorial with Anthony Luvera at a dedicated time. Within these tutorials, we took it in turns to discuss where we were at in regards to our presentation for our Symposium, before receiving feedback from Anthony and the group. The notes from today’s session can be found below:


Production Group Presentation and Feedback:

In this session, my group simply presented the schedule of the Symposium event that we had created so far. On review of this schedule, Matt and George suggested that we should consider some changes to the groups formatting and titles, as well as suggesting ideas surrounding panel ‘question and answer’ sessions instead of, or with, the five minute individual question times we had already planned. Taking all of the given ideas into account, my production group is now taking time to reorganize the schedule to best fit the feedback we received and the opinions of our course peers. It is most definitely a work in progress, and will be uploaded to my blog once finalized.


Group Tutorials:

In the group tutorial, I presented the first draft of my essay and visual presentation. As it was a group tutorial, Anthony didn’t have time to read the essay in full but has suggested that I may be able to send it to him or Kate McMillian for feedback, in the near future. Although I have chosen not to upload the first draft of my essay (the final version will be uploaded at a later date), the visual presentation can be found below along with the personal ideas regarding what I want to change, and feedback I received throughout the tutorial:

Presentation – Draft 1

Personal Ideas – What I want to change:

  • I need to work on the conclusion – Although I have successfully wrapped up the main points of the essay in a succinct manner, I feel that the first part of the conclusion is simply a repeat of the introduction (I want the introduction and conclusion to relate in terms of writing styles but feel that they are too similar); I need to make my conclusion punchier, more impressive; it should reward the reader/audience
  • I need to add more slides (between quotes) too my presentation – I am planning on making slides that show the questions I pose to the audience at the beginning of some of the sections to allow them to relate the theory I give back to the question I am answering



  • You need to think of a more creative title – can you incorporate the first question that you pose to the audience within the title?
  • The opening question is immediately answered in the following, simple sentence – This needs to be reconsidered as you have practically given the 10-minute presentation in 7 words!
  • You should include more in-text citations – some sentences sound as though they have been formed through the influence of different ideas, although you haven’t directly quoted them, you still need to cite them within the text
  • The presentation is too text heavy – I understand that you want to get the key quotes across, but at the moment it looks more like a lecturers presentation; you need visual examples to anchor the text; you can also get rid of the introductory artist slides (for example “Ann Chwatsky “WHEN I WAS A GIRL”…”) and simply incorporate this information into the titles given with the visual examples


Although I feel that I am now at a point where I need to receive individual feedback from either Anthony Luvera or Kate McMillan, and am therefore waiting for the opportunity to send my work to them for individual analysis, I now plan on making these suggested feedback changes, allowing me to create a second draft of both my essay and my presentation.