350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 13

On Tuesday 13th January 2015, I attended another day of lectures dedicated to the 350MC Symposium module. To start the day, we continued with our usual routine of meeting in our Production Groups before discussing any progress with the rest of the class. Once we had finished updating everyone, we then attended an Effective Public Speaking Lecture, taken by Anthony Luvera, before breaking for lunch and continuing with independent research in the afternoon. All of the notes from today’s session can be found below:

Production Group Meeting:

Symposium Groups – Draft 2

  •  The times for the Herbert on both days is 8:30am-5:30pm


Effective Public Speaking Skills:

Effective Public Speaking Skills Presentation

Harvard Business Review – How to Give a Killer Presentation

Nerves Hand-Out

What is a presentation?

  • Presenting information
  • The use of materials to represent information within a talk
  • Talking to someone about a topic we’ve made our own

The Topic – Go Deep:

  • Go deeper into a topic – rather than broader
  • Share your unique contribution rather than attempt to cover a whole field of study

Stick to between 1800-2000 words – try not to go over the time limit but this word count is just a guide

Introduction – Paint a Picture:

  • The introduction should paint a picture
  • Discuss wider ideas and convince the audience why your particular investigation matters

Be you:

  • When speaking, consider your tone of voice
  • Try not to be too forced – be comfortable, be you

Show Passion:

  • Passion is important
  • If you’re not interested, why would the audience be?
  • You have chosen a topic to suit you – feel good about your topic
  • If you talk about something you seem interested in, and audience will want to listen to you

Give Eye Contact:

  • Eye contact is an important way to engage your audience
  • Scan the room for friendly faces – some people may look angry but this can simply be because they’re concentrating on your ideas!
  • Look people in the eye


  • Smiling and laughter will help everyone relax
  • It will convey an impression of confidence

The Script:

  • You are going to read from the script
  • You just need to read the script in such a way that you engage the room – look up and give eye contact, don’t just read it


  • You have to remember that you are the expert in the room
  • You won’t draw a blank, you will remember your research
  • And if you do draw a blank, don’t worry! – Simply have a back up and say that you haven’t really considered it and will answer it at a later date on Twitter

Nerves are only natural:

  • They’re a good thing, they keep you alert
  • Everyone expects us to be nervous – the audience isn’t judging us in being nervous so don’t judge yourself

How to help control your nerves:

  • Go for a walk – get some fresh air
  • Wiggle a little – keep your blood supply moving
  • Go to the toilet!
  • Relax your body – shake out the tension in your wrists, arms, jaw, neck and back
  • Mantra – repeat positive affirmations quietly to yourself (e.g. “I am a good presenter”)
  • Breathe – breathe deeply

Practice, practice, practice:

  • The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be with your script and presentation

Good website to look at: