352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Lecture 2 (One-to-One Tutorial with Anthony Luvera)

On Wednesday 14th January 2014, we attended our second day of lectures dedicated to the 352MC Final Major Project Module. As this was the day where we were presenting our proposals, we all had individual tutorials with either Anthony Luvera or Caroline Molloy in order to allow us to gain helpful, constructive criticism about our ideas. Below you can find the first proposal that I presented to Anthony Luvera within the tutorial, along with the feedback I received:

One-to-One Tutorial with Anthony Luvera:

352MC Final Major Project Proposal – Draft 1

Photographic Features Writing Position:

Image quality:

  • Looking at the images I have already taken on my previous trip, I need to take time to improve their quality
  • Look into medium and large format cameras that may be suitable for the project
  • Or, alternatively, look for the highest possible quality lens and camera for landscape photography
  • As I am only going to the Lake District a maximum of 5 times, make sure I do tests here, around Coventry – be productive!


  • Research the elements you haven’t explored before – e.g. archives, text, sound, video (this will link in with experimentation)
  • Your research will be slit into four main categories:
    • Academic – including the books I have read for the symposium
    • Location – looking at photographers that use the Lake District as inspiration
    • Photographic Ideas – looking at photographers that have a similar idea to what you want to create
    • Technical Ideas – looking to photographers for inspiration for experimentation (including the use of text or creative photographic techniques)
  • You should research:

General Suggestions:

  • Why would people be interested in your Grandpa – try and think of a way of making this project accessible and understandable from an outsiders perspective
    • It may be that you use the idea of your Grandpa as a starting point and adapt the project from there
  • Go beyond what you think you should do – push yourself; experiment
  • You could perhaps use photographs to create written work (as a back up you could respond to the archive of images that you have collected)



Primary Research of Medium Format and Digital Cameras for Landscape Photography:

  • After receiving the suggestion to experiment with medium format cameras and high quality digital cameras, I decided to go to the Media Loan Shop at the University to discuss with them the best possible cameras (medium format and digital) and film for landscape photography. Everything that was suggested is listed below:
  • For landscape photography, they would suggest the Canon 5D Mk II or III with the appropriate wide-angle lens (take time researching into this)
  • The best medium format camera for landscape photography that we have in the Loan shop is probably the Mamiya RB67
  • Colour film
    • Fuji Pro 400 H
    • Kodak Portra 400
  • Black and white film
    • Ilford HP5
  • One Vision Imaging (Coventry) – http://www.onevisionimaging.com/Home.aspx
    • Good for developing and printing packages
    • Check to see if they accept the films suggested above
  • Max Spielmann – http://maxphoto.co.uk
  • DS Colour Labs – http://dscolourlabs.co.uk
  • AG Photographic (Birmingham) – http://www.ag-photographic.co.uk/fujicolor-pro-400h-183-c.asp
    • Good for buying film
  • Discount Films Direct – http://www.discountfilmsdirect.co.uk/fuji-colour-print-120-roll-camera-film-44-c.asp
    • Good for buying film
  • Would suggest looking into landscape photographers and researching how they shoot and with what equipment (this will be included within the “352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Location Research” blog post)



Emailing Anthony Luvera:

On Monday 20th January 2015, following the one-to-one session I had with him the previous week (14th January 2015) I sent an email to Anthony Luvera enquiring about specific projects he wanted me to look at for some of the suggested practitioners we discussed the previous week, as well as whether he knew of any artists that uses audio within their photographic projects (as stated in my proposal, I am interested in using audio in order to create a more immersive project for my audience – please see the blog post entitled “352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Original Proposal”). Within his reply, he suggested some projects to look at before reminding me that:

“… When researching we are not just looking for the project we are working on, but rather we should also be looking at how the artist uses photography.”

He then went on to discuss examples of people that work with landscapes and sound and suggested that I looked into the work of Melanie Friend (http://www.melaniefriend.com). I am therefore, obviously, going to add Melanie Friend to my future research (found in my “352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Technical Research” blog post).