350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 15

On Tuesday 3rd February 2015, I attended a day of university dedicated to the 350MC Symposium module, which was also the date for our internal deadline to have completed, and handed in, our Symposium essay and presentation. To start the day, as a class, we went through the management of the Symposium event, discussing ideas to do with the schedule and marketing strategies, before signing ourselves up for individual one-to-one sessions with Anthony Luvera. Within these tutorials, we gained some feedback for our final drafts, allowing us to make some small changes, giving us the opportunity to finalize our essay and presentation for the Symposium event. All of the feedback that I gained, and notes that I made, from this one-to-one session can be found below:

One-to-One with Anthony Luvera:

Going through the Essay:

A Pathway to the Past – Draft 16

  • You should include the first name of the theorists the first time that you mention them and then go on to using just their surname if they’re mentioned more than once
  • Don’t use “But” within the essay – it is not needed
  • Try experimenting with not using the first person (“I”) – however, you can use it if you’re using personal images within the presentation as they will anchor the point of using them (discussed below)
  • Get rid of “… and projects” when discussing landscape photographs after the introduction
  • Within the introduction, you need to discuss Ricoeur further – although the questions you pose do this slightly, you just need to tweak a couple of sentences (then go back to Ricoeur in the conclusion)
  • The conclusion needs to be cemented more with theoretical ideas and research – maybe go back to Ricoeur (or Barthes? – see below)


Going through the Presentation:

Presentation – Draft 3

  • Why have you included quotes?
    • As this section of the essay discusses this question in more depth by relating to other theories, I thought it would be good to offer the viewer something visual to relate back to whilst I’m discussing these complicated ideas
  • You can go back to the same photo if you wish, as long as it fits with the section it accompanies in the essay
  • You can use your own photos as long as it serves the paper – you don’t want to use it as personal advertising, that’s not what the symposium is for
    • We’ll test to see if the photos fit during the dress rehearsals
  • The mediatory memory pathways are very well constructed and I agree that they are needed as visual representations for the complex idea you are discussing
  • Don’t think you need the question of “Why have I focused this discussion solely on LANDSCAPE photographs as an example of traces of the past” – instead you could use your own image which then gives you the opportunity to use the first person (as discussed above)
  • For the second and third memory pathway diagrams, you need to make them more distinguishable – perhaps change the title of them so that the audience knows what they’re looking t is different


Going through the Bibliography:

Bibliography – Holly Constantine

  • Have you looked into Barthes? Some of his ideas link in to this discussion on emotional connections to photographs, even though he does focus primarily on portraits
    • Did look at him but didn’t feel that he would fit in well with the structure of my presentation
    • However, I am planning on preparing an answer to a question that may mention his theories