352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Lecture 5 (Degree Show Production Meeting and a Talk by Ioana Bultoc)

On Wednesday 4th February 2015, I attended a day of lectures dedicated to the 352MC Professional Photographic Practice or Final Major Project (FMP) module. At the beginning of the day we attended a Degree Show production meeting with Anthony Luvera and Caroline Molloy where we discussed the organization of the Degree Show in the form of management teams for fundraising and marketing. Following this, after a short 15-minute break, we then had a closed talk by Shaun Hides about the course in general and whether we had any feedback to give him on how the course is run. Once this was finished, we then had another small break before attending the days final talk that was taken by a previous student, now graduate, called Ioana Bultoc, who took us through her experiences within her final year and her career. Below you can find all of the notes from the Degree Show Production Meeting (kindly taken by Jess Oakes) and the talk by Ioana Butloc:


Degree Show Production Meeting:


The Marketing Team:

  • Becky
  • Jess
  • Rachael
  • Rosa
  • Siyana
  • Natalia
  • Deana
  • Katy
  • Bryony
  • Jenny
  • Olly
  • Charli
  • Aaron
  • Ell


What is needed for Marketing?

  • Logo
  • Catalogues
  • Website
  • Posters on the front of the building – tom walker
  • Social media
  • Flyers
  • Stickers
  • Posters to display in site specific locations
  • Ask for permission of the council – underpass pillars
  • Holly to write and article for ePHOTOzine
  • Contact the collages/school we have previously studied at



Who’s planning the Catalogues?

  • Charli
  • Jess
  • Becky
  • Aaron
  • Ell
  • Imogen

Ideas for Catalogues:

  • Book form – perfect binding, not saddle stitch, thick paper, matte
  • Pages – 2 double page spreads per person
  • A4, A5 or B5
  • Graphic design – Text, sale info, etc.
  • Writing – Daniel Campbell Blight, Jonathan Worth, Anthony Luvera
  • Full page images
  • Davio Gracceva?



The Fundraising Team:

  • Imogen
  • Yasmin
  • Lucy
  • Jenny
  • Kellie
  • Kat
  • Jade
  • Emmaline
  • Kerrie
  • Holly
  • Emma


Ideas for Fundraising:

  • Pub quiz
  • Money in the pot – £10 each
  • Funding from university
  • Car wash
  • Photo booth
  • Hamper raffle – Held in ET reception?
  • How many sweets in the jar
  • Sponsorship
    • From (local) companies – Film paper developers, money off thing like printing etc.
    • University – Proposals
    • Sponsored – silence, stay awake, sleep out, etc.
  • Kick-starter/Crowd-funding
  • Fancy dress – Get Lecturers to dress up and get money from students
  • Auction for portrait session/ workshops
  • Signed print/book from photographers
  • Film night
  • Live stream fundraising
  • Easter egg hunt


General Degree Show Ideas:

  • Free range
  • Catalogue
  • Source online
  • Website
  • Exhibit elsewhere as well?
    • London?
    • Mini exhibition? I.e. similar to #picbod
    • Four corners – £750 p/w but offers high profile or £900 with VAT
    • St Martin in the Crypt
    • Guest exhibitor?


Talk by Ioana Bultoc:


During this talk with Ioana Bultoc, we were literally given the opportunity to ask her any questions we wanted to about herself as an individual practisioner, and anything about the final year. At the beginning of he talk, we suggested that as the Symposium module is nearly complete that we wanted to focus the discussion solely on the FMP module and her career after university. All of the notes that I took from this session can be found below:

  • Finish the Symposium as soon as possible – It’s more important to organize the degree show
  • Time is really short – you need to think about everything including your project and the event itself; you need good time management
  • You need to make use of where you are in terms of fundraising – you probably know a lot of people that would pay to get a professional portrait done for their future career
  • You may feel overwhelmed about whether you should study photography – especially because of the digital age, and the accessible photographic technology; but you need to do something you love
  • Organising events is a transfereable skill that you can use in the future
  • The third year is the most important – but you should just enjoy it
  • You need to take as much as you can from this univerisyt – you can’t come back
  • You need to make good relationships with people on your course – it’s a major networking opportunity and you can use it to benefit you in the future
  • You are spending a lot of money – take advantage of the resources you are given
  • The third year should be the year where you should discover what you want to do – dedicate a bit of time to your future career (the next module “354MC Professional Practice Portfolio: Photography” discusses this)
  • You need to take a bit of time organizing the final outcome, and don’t leave it all to the last minute – things can go wrong
  • You need to spend a bit of time with yourself to understand what you want to do for your FMP
  • It’s good to have a good network for after university
  • It’s very important to know how to sell yourself as a practicing photographer