350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 16

On Tuesday 10th February 2015, I attended another day of lectures dedicated to the 350MC Symposium module. During the day, we were split into two groups comprised of the individuals taking part in the Symposium event on days one and two. Within these groups, we then went through the running order of the day we were taking part in by practicing our presentations and receiving feedback from the rest of the group. Unfortunately, as only Anthony Luvera was available for this day, he had to divide his time up between the two sessions, making so that only a couple of people were able to gain feedback from him. Below you can find a copy of the essay and the presentation that I presented during this session, along with the feedback I received from my course peers (I am planning on asking for feedback from both Anthony Luvera and Kate McMillan over email at a slightly later date before I commence with the changes):


A Pathway to the Past – Draft 20

Presentation – Draft 4


Feedback from Course Peers:

  • My presentation was 11 minutes and 57 seconds
    • You may need to cut this down but you may have to speak to Anthony and Kate to gain suggestions as to how to do that
  • We don’t think you need to include the ideas to do with the acoustic, semantic and visual information stored within the brain as we don’t think that this is necessarily relevant
  • You may want to discuss the idea of the emotional attachment to the “lost loved one” in relation to the memory and different memory triggers – it play a huge role in the sense of remembrance
  • Towards the end, you need to make the question “So, how do people reconnect to individuals in the past?” much clearer – maybe include deceased individual, or lost loved one?
  • In terms of your presentation skills:
    • You need to speak a lot slower – If you need to speak slower, you will definitely have to cut some information out in order to fit in the allotted time slots
    • Don’t fidget – this may be helped through the use of a lectern as you will be able to hold on to it for support to stop yourself from fidgeting
    • (General feedback for the whole group) – don’t just read your essay, but present it, make sure you look at the audience; this will be learnt through practicing your presentation over and over again