350MC Working with Photography in Context – Lecture 17

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th February 2015, I attended two days of lectures dedicated to the 350MC Symposium module (which replaced our usual Wednesday lectures for the 352MC Final Major Project module). During these two days, we took the time to run through the schedule for the Symposium event, which will be taking place the following week, allowing us to rehearse our presentations, gain final feedback (from Anthony Luvera, Kate McMillan, Daniel Campbell Blight and our course peers), and make any last minute changes before the Collective Vision event. Below you will find a copy of the running order for the Symposium, my script and presentation that I presented on the Wednesday, a recording of my run-through, and any general and personal feedback I gained throughout the two day session:

Symposium Schedule

A Pathway to the Past – Holly Constantine SCRIPT

A Pathway to the Past – Holly Constantine


Dress Rehearsal – Presentation and Feedback:

Dress Rehearsal: Presentation and Feedback for the Collective Vision Symposium from Holly Constantine on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, the space on the memory card of the audio recording device ran out towards the end of my talk. However, luckily, some of my course peers noticed this and managed to record the audio of the feedback session on their phones for my reflective benefit. I therefore apologize about the quality of the video.


General Feedback:

  • The first image and the last image are the images the audience will remember from the talk so make sure that they are strong
  • Quotes in a presentation are more useful in longer lectures (of about an hour) so you should maybe reconsider the use of them


Personal Feedback:

  • This presentation was a very technical piece of writing and it evidenced the wide range of research you underwent throughout this module – It was very diligently researched and very well structured
    • However, because of this, for the first half of your presentation, I couldn’t necessarily tell that it was a photography presentation
    • So what I would say is that although it showed really good research, I think that you should illustrate it with the inclusion of more photographs
      • Not necessarily your own (which can be used a couple of times within the presentation) but I think you should use a number of examples to show how diverse landscape photography is
    • An example would be when you say “photographs of landscapes can act as memory triggers”, perhaps show an image of a landscape that is a personal memory trigger for you
    • You should use images so that the audience can look at them so that they illustrate the ideas that are resounding in the audiences mind
      • This will also focus the presentation more on photography


  • I think the diagrams are very difficult to process in such a short period of time
    • Not sure you need the diagram slides and the quote slides because I feel your explanations are really clear – you’re language is clear enough, it makes sense


  • I’m also not sure about that question slide
    • I think you should just tinker with that section a little bit – the question is so broad and it doesn’t just relate to your topic
      • It feels kind of “left-field” – it relates, of course, but maybe don’t use the slide to add the emphasis on it
      • Just think about the question and how it relates to what you are talking about


  • The title also needs to be reconsidered
    • Because it is such a technical paper, the poetic-ness of he title doesn’t really fit
    • The alliteration also adds to the cheesiness of the title which takes away from the technicality of the paper
    • Your paper is essentially about landscape photography and memory – play around with that


  • However (as suggested by my course peers and tutors), your presentation skills are very professional