354MC Professional Photographic Portfolio – One-to-One with Caroline Molloy

On Wednesday 18th March 2015, whilst having a one-to-one session with Caroline Molloy regarding my 352MC Professional Photographic Practice or Final Major Project (FMP) module, I also decided to ask her a couple of questions relating to the 354MC Professional Photographic Portfolio module. The questions that I asked in this one-to-one session (found in italics), as well as the feedback that I gained (found in regular text) can be found below:

354MC Easter Task

  • Looking over the Networking Task that we have been given to complete over Easter (please see PDF above), when thinking about the three people that I could interview, these were the ideas that I came up with:
    • Claire (the Wedding Planner that Caroline kindly got me in contact with) – although you have already sent her an email, make sure you follow up in the week after Easter
    • Kat Alcock (a course peer that is interested in Wedding Photography – I could ask her about the general wedding industry?) – this is a soft option that you could include, and it may be helpful, just probably not as helpful as other people you have interviewed
    • And someone else which I am currently unsure of – Could you possibly get in contact with wedding planning organizations and see if they’re willing to have a brief interview over email?
  • Also, when emailing you the other week regarding the contact that you provided me with, you suggested that we could discuss the kind of questions that I could ask throughout the interview
    • You need to think about what you want to know and what would you want out of the interview – be strategic
    • You should say things like: “Although I’ve got a degree in photography, this is an area that I am interested in, but I don’t really know what it’s about”
    • You should ask questions like:
      • “What did you do before this?”
      • “How did you start out?”
        • “Did you do any work experience? “
        • “Did you run another business?”
      • “What skills do you think you needed?”
      • “What do you think are the main challenges you’ve had to face? – On a daily and dramatic level”
      • “Is it long hours/is it tiring?”
      • “Do you take on interns?” – because that’s what you really want
    • Just be careful with big, open questions like “What’s it like to be a wedding planner?”
    • You should work out what you want your answer to be, then ask your question
    • But don’t ask questions in a stream, create a conversation
    • Couch who you are, let her know that you’re not a threat (i.e. a competitor) but that you’re just interested about the business and you’re just trying to gain some knowledge to see if this is the right direction that you want to head in
  • Finally, in regards to blogging, I’ve watched/taken part in a number of resources that you provided us with (including inspirational talks and personality tests), but you suggested that our blog wasn’t getting marked – do you think I still need to blog about them?
    • Blogging is only for your own good really, because, at the end of the day, when you write your report, it will be based on what you have done throughout the module
      • For example, “so having done that personality test, I have realized that I will work better in this environment”
    • So all the blog will do will record what you have done so I don’t think it’s a bad idea doing a blog because it helps you to remember what work you have put in – you will just need to condense it and distill it into your final report