354MC Professional Photographic Portfolio – Second One-to-One with Caroline Molloy

On Wednesday 15th April 2015, whilst having a one-to-one session with Caroline Molloy regarding my 352MC Professional Photographic Practice or Final Major Project (FMP) module, I also decided talk to her about the 354MC Professional Photographic Portfolio module. The things that I discussed with her (found in italics), as well as the feedback that I gained (found in regular text) can be found below:

  • Over the Easter holiday I managed to complete my CV that I am going to submit for assessment
    • However, I just want to run one idea by you regarding a slight creative flare that I was thinking on incorporating within my physical copies
    • Instead of stapling them together, what I thought is that I could hole-punch it and then tie it together with some really nice wedding ribbon (due to the fact that my future career path will hopefully take me into the wedding industry)
    • I didn’t want to do too much as it is obviously all about the information on the CV, but I wanted to add a little touch that would perhaps suggest my thoughtfulness for presentation (which is a big part of the industry that I want to go into)
    • I think this is a very good idea, and I’m glad you’ve thought of something creative to add to your CV


  • Now, with regards to the portfolio, I’m just at the stage where I need to choose what’s to be included, and, as previously suggested we had agreed that I should simply use it to document what I have been doing over the past couple of years
    • I was therefore considering a standard, “commercial” book for my portfolio, due to the Industry that I am going in, but Nicola Shipley (who spoke to us yesterday, please see my “354MC Professional Photographic Portfolio – Lecture 3” blog post) suggested that, as I do not have a consistent collection of photographic types, that I should consider the use of a box as this would break up the “series” aspect associated with a book
    • I don’t really think that’s necessary, and would be happy for you to use a book as your portfolio, due to the commercial factor that it brings, which, as you suggested, may be more appropriate for the industry you want to go in
      • A book is also cheaper to make which makes it a better option for individuals that are just starting out in their chosen industries, and it means that you’ll be able to change it at a later date


  • Finally, in regards to the reflective essay that we have to write for the module, I’m still a bit confused as to what needs to be included
    • Basically, you’re reflective essay is everything you’re doing to support your exit
    • So it’s a way of consolidating and evidencing your exit strategy
    • Meeting people, contacting, going to the wedding fair, that all needs to be in the essay
    • You need to support and navigate what you want your life to be after university
    • It’s all about what you’re putting in place to make that happen
    • And do you also need to say about the choices that you made regarding the CV and the Portfolio?
      • Yes
      • Well, if you’re looking into becoming a wedding planner, there will be specific reasons as to why you have done the CV and the portfolio the way you have
    • You’re telling me lots of information about networking, the choices you made for your CV and portfolio etc. but by writing it down, it’s just clarifying it in your mind