354MC Professional Photographic Portfolio – Lecture 5

On Tuesday 5th May 2015, I attended another day of university dedicated to the 354MC Professional Photographic Portfolio module. On this particular day, we had optional one-to-one tutorials with our guest lecturer Rebecca McClelland, where we could discuss our submission assignments in preparation for the deadline the following week (including our CV, Portfolio, and Reflective Essay). Below you will be able to find some brief notes that I took during this tutorial that covered all three of the assignment requirements (please note, any descriptions or responses I provided can also be seen below in italics):

One-to-One Tutorial with Rebecca McClelland:


  • You should change the wording of your profile a little bit
    • Include aspects like “having a sharp eye for detail”, “multitasking”, “keeping calm under pressure”, “being pragmatic and diplomatic”
  • You don’t have to put your grades on a CV
  • I would change the title “Up and Coming Plans” to “Career Development”
    • Career development is really good to put on your CV and it just sounds like a more solid opportunity
  • I think you need to put “Wedding” or “Events Planning” somewhere
    • Even next to your name at the top – something like “Holly Constantine // Events Planning
    • Yeah, well at the moment, I wont be able to go straight into wedding planning and will need to build up sufficient money to enroll myself on an appropriate Wedding Planning course, so the first stage of my career plan is to become a bridal consultant – that is the section of my career plan that I have focused my CV on
      • But somewhere I think you need to feature “Wedding” – actually, like in your “Up and Coming Plans” (or “Career Development”) section, and your “Hobbies/Interest” at the end
  •  Your CV looks very dense and I think that you’ll still be able to make it very creative because of the career you want to go into
    • I love the bow idea that you have come up with, but you could still put a photo on it somewhere, something that relates to the wedding industry
  • At the moment, your CV looks quite bunched up and there’s not much differentiating between the text and the section titles
    • Be bolder and make the titles bigger and give your CV slightly more graphic design
  • All of the information you have included are relevant to the area you want to go into which is great
    • As for your references, although you don’t necessarily need to put them on your CV, one should be a family friend and one should be a professional



  • This is looking really good
  • I just wanted to stick with three different page layouts to keep it relatively commercial but obviously having a controlled flow to engage the viewers attention
  • This all looks great
  • The only thing I really need help with is the captions of the photographs, and whether they all sound okay?
    • I wouldn’t put freelance opportunity, and instead I think what I would do is just put the title of the picture, the date it was taken (to the nearest month), and the place
    • For the commercially commissioned aspects, I would put title, date, place – commercial commission for…
  • I guess if you’re going for wedding planning, I wonder whether you should just have some more photographs associated with the industry, like event photography, flower macro’s, portraits, etc.
    • Yeah, that’s why I’ve put on my CV about the “Up and Coming Plans” with assisting a wedding photographer
    • It’s just so that when you’re showing your clients they can see that you have a good creative eye
      • They can obviously see that with this, but it doesn’t really relate to the industry you’re going into
    • I think this is excellent to showcase the work you have completed over the past three years (like you said you wanted to do), but I would suggest that when you start building up new work around weddings, you start replacing these pictures
      • You’ll need aspects like catering, details, flowers, etc.
  •  You’re basically done with your portfolio
  • You want to come across as professional as possible and it’s important that you show your clients that you understand the industry and that you have a good creative eye, especially as you’ve been on this course


Reflective Essay:

  • I was a bit unsure as to what I needed to include in it, and I was going to talk to Caroline about it before submission, but she obviously isn’t here today, unfortunately
  • You’re introduction/statement is very good
  • Caroline would know better, but I would suggest being a bit more self critical
    • We’re looking for evidence of critical analysis – so that’s thing like “how did you deal with this unit?”, “how do these aspects reflect your three year plan?”
    • Self analysis would be good, so things like “I personally feel that time management is something that I need to improve on”, for example
    • Highlight this essay with more critical analysis reflecting back to your three year plan