352MC Professional Photographic Practice – Lecture 14 (One-to-One Tutorial with Anthony Luvera)

On Wednesday 13th May 2015, we had another day of university dedicated to the 352MC Professional Photographic Practice or Final Major Project (FMP) module. Similar to the previous week, on this day we had optional one-to-one tutorials with both our lecturers Anthony Molloy and Caroline Molloy. Due to the stage that I was at with my project, I decided that the most beneficial person for me to see was Anthony. The feedback that I received within this one-to-one tutorial, as well as the key points that I am going to be taking away from today, can therefore be found below (please note, any descriptions or responses I provided can also be seen below in italics):


One-to-One Tutorial with Anthony Luvera:

As briefly suggested above, within this one-to-one tutorial that I had with Anthony Luvera, I decided to update him with aspects relating to my final project (including my exhibition installation, the portfolio box for submission, and my accompanying text for my final piece). Below you will therefore be able to find digital copies of the documents I shared with him and notes on the features that we discussed, as well as the feedback that I received:

Installation Mock-Ups:

Accompanying Text and Written Feedback:

  • So what’s the intention of the piece of text? Where do you think that it’ll go?
    • So these are the mock-ups that I’ve made for the exhibition installation that I am having
    • As you can see, the text will be to the right of the photograph, and the still-life image has only been used in this mock-up to symbolize the physical object
    • So how are you mounting the object in the frames?
      • I’ve gone to a framing company that’s making custom box frames for my final piece, and they’re going to attach them with see-through fish wire
    • So what are the dimensions?
      • Each frame is going to be 24”x20 ¼“ (60.96cm x 51.44cm)
    • Are you selecting one triptych?
      • Yeah, I’m going to choose the first one (“Buttermere”) because I think that it’s the most engaging image out of the range, and feel that the triptych is the most successful in terms of interesting aesthetics and the quality of the writing
      • They’re all lovely, I think they look great
      • Is this triptych called “Buttermere”?
        • Yes, I’m calling them all by their locations, so “Buttermere”, “Haystacks” “Loughrigg Tarn”, “Surprise View” and “The Langdales”
    •  So for the installation, bring along an A3 test print of this Photoshop mock-up, so that we can work out where they’re going to go without moving the actual prints
  • I was also going to ask, with regards to the installation mock-ups I have made, is it okay if I use these within my submitted portfolio box?
    • Of course, I would just make sure that these are printed as single images, rather than two on the page, like you have here
    • Also, in the portfolio box, I am planning on including a small note at the beginning just to suggest what these mock-ups are and that the still-life image is simply being used to represent the physical object
      • Sounds good
  • In relation to the accompanying text, it is very long, I think that it needs to be shortened
    • Yeah, I know I need to cut it down, and I think I know the areas that I can remove to do that, so that shouldn’t be a problem – I just want to make sure that I keep in the section that discusses the photograph, the present, and then move on to the memory so that the viewers gain an understanding of the projects concept
    • There are sections in here that disturb the flow of the text – you have this very descriptive, flowing, evocative text and some of these sections really break up the rhythm of it
      • It jolts the reader out of this descriptive space and I’m not really sure what it does
    • The use of the words “glancing” and “grabbing” at the beginning of different sentences means that there’s a weird repetition
      • Maybe you can just experiment with the structure of one of the sentences
    • I’m not really a fan of the ending of the piece
      • Especially the phrase “art of photography”, it seems too formal and sort of cheesy
      • I’d probably just cut it out and end further up – I think that would be a really nice place to stop
  • So your pieces haven’t been printed and framed yet?
    • No, but I’m sending off my photo and my text tonight to be printed and will hopefully get them on Friday so that I can give them to the framers
    • The framers will then be able to make and mount the frames over the weekend ready for collection on the Tuesday
  • And how are they being attached to the wall?
    • I’m not sure, I need to talk to the framers, but I think its just the standard string and fixings


Key Points to take away from today:

  • For the deadline, I need to bring along an A3 test print of this Photoshop mock-up
  • The idea that I had for the portfolio (including the installation photos and the introductory notes) is good
  • For the accompanying text, I need to cut it down, remove aspects that disturb the rhythm of the work, experiment with the sentence structure of sections that create an unusual repetition, and cut out the ending