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351MC #Phonar – Final Reflection

During the #phonar module, I have answered the five learning objectives in numerous ways. This final reflection focuses on how I have answered each of these learning objectives, along with the overall benefits… Continue reading

#Phonar Final Task – “Post-Photographic Portrait” (and Reflection)

This post includes the process and methodology that took place behind the “Post-Photographic Portrait” task. This includes the preparation and research for the task (Listening to Jill Jarman’s piece for Cello, and definitions), planning… Continue reading

351MC #Phonar – Lifeboat Post

This post has been created as a basic reflection on all of the topics we have discussed throughout the eight weeks of the #phonar module. For more in depth analysis on the weekly… Continue reading

351MC #Phonar – Session Eight Reflection

For our final #phonar session, we listened to a catch up interview with Fred Ritchin before watching a short film by Jamie Macdonald called “Shooting Time” that was about his father, Ian Macdonald.… Continue reading

351MC Photography and Narrative – Session Eight

On Wednesday 19th November 2014, I attended my last ever #phonar lecture. For this session, we started off the day by listening to a catch up interview with Fred Ritchin from the ICP… Continue reading

351MC #Phonar – Session Seven Reflection

For our seventh #Phonar session, we listened to two individual interviews with Marcus Bleasdale and Aaron Huey, both taken by Jonathan Worth. The main idea that I found was the most interesting in this… Continue reading

351MC Photography and Narrative – Session Seven

On Wednesday 12th November 2014, I attended the 7th session for my #phonar module. We started the day off by discussing previous themes we had looked at in #phonar. We then listened to… Continue reading

351MC #Phonar – Session Six Reflection

Week six of #Phonar saw us covering a lot of different themes and ideas as we got to listen to three different talks: two interviews with Sara Davidmann and Shahidul Alam (both taken… Continue reading

351MC Photography and Narrative – Session Six

On Wednesday 5th November 2014 I attended my sixth #phonar session for our module. At the beginning of the day, we started by looking back at important themes that we had discussed so… Continue reading

351MC #Phonar – Session Five Reflection

For our fifth #phonar session, we mainly focused on interviews with Wasma Mansour and Dalia Khamissey taken by Jonathan Worth. Whilst listening to these interviews I thought about the themes that both of… Continue reading