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Assignment One – “Encountering Culture”

Brief: A portfolio of photographic work supported by individual workbook. (75% of the final grade.) Major Project: Encountering Culture One of the objectives of this module is for you to begin to locate… Continue reading

Paul Smith Lecture – Life Story and Career

On Friday 16th November 2012, we had an hour and a half lecture with photographer Paul Smith. Within this lecture, he shared with us the majority of his influential events that enabled him to… Continue reading

Carolyn Lefley Lecture – Career and Editing Down

On Friday 2nd November 2012, we had two lectures that were taken by photographer Carolyn Lefley. The first lecture was approximately an hour long where Lefley talked about her personal career as a photographer.… Continue reading

Keynote, Prezi, and Library Research

On Friday 26th October 2012 we had a relatively straight forward day that taught us different presentation platforms and how to undergo correct library research for our Assignment 2. Below are the notes… Continue reading

Technical Skills – Friday 19th October 2012

On Friday 19th October 2012, my course mates and I started the day by having a lecture on “What is Fine Art?” (see What is Fine Art post for lecture notes) which was then followed by three… Continue reading

What is Fine Art?

On Friday 19th October 2012 my course mates and I had a lecture discussing “What is Fine Art?“. Within this lecture, we discussed possible definitions, looked at ‘fine artists’, and created a self-portrait… Continue reading

What is a Portrait?

On Tuesday 15th October 2012, we also had a lecture that discussed the question “What is a portrait?“. We began with a 10 minute group exercise where we had to answer five questions… Continue reading

Presentation Skills

On Friday 5th October 2012, we had a small seminar on how to give a good presentation. Within this seminar, our lecturer, Paul Smith acted out what appeared to be a very realistically… Continue reading

Homage to a Precious Object

On Friday 12th October 2012, we were given our second task to complete by Tuesday 15th October 2012. It was entitled “Homage to a Precious Object” and our brief was to take one or a… Continue reading

What is a Photograph?

On Friday 12th October 2012 I had a lecture entitled “What is a photograph?” that was taken by lecturer and photographer Jonathan Worth. Within this lecture we discussed the ideologies of what made… Continue reading