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“The Shock of Inclusion” by Clay Shirky – Response to Key Reading

ARTICLE: The Shock of Inclusion – Clay Shirky RESPONSE: In Clay Shirky’s “The Shock of Inclusion” article, his main discussion is based around that of the creation of a larger community and audience… Continue reading

“An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” by Michael Wesch – Response to Key Reading

VIDEO: RESPONSE: Within Michael Wesch’s presentation at the Library of Congress on 23rd June 2008, he discussed the users of the fast growing company, YouTube by focusing his examples mainly on “vloggers” (people… Continue reading

“Bullshit and the Art of Crap Detection” by Neil Postman – Response to Key Reading

ARTICLE: Delivered at the National Convention for the Teachers of English [NCTE], November 28, 1969, Washington, D.C.)   With a title like this, I think I ought to dispense with the rhetorical amenities… Continue reading

Commenting on my Research Groups Blog

As I know that I need to comment on members of my Research Groups blog, I decided that I would use my blogroll in order to navigate to their pages. I then scrolled… Continue reading

Digital Media: Digital Future – Digital Semantic

On Monday 24th February 2014, I attended a lecture entitled “Digital Future – Digital Semantic” for my Digital Media module. This was then followed by a seminar regarding the hand-in date next week,… Continue reading

The Power of The Network – My Response

I found this lecture incredibly interesting in terms of the reflection on the biology of the networks. The fact that nature seems to be reflected in our digital lives in more ways than… Continue reading

Here Comes Everybody – My Response

Is the Internet rotting our brains? A common, and what seems to be constant, debate surrounding the Internet came into mind when attending this lecture. Although, as discussed previously in lectures, the digital… Continue reading

Virtually Real – Really Virtual – My Response

The aspect that I found interesting in this lecture was the Thirst for Illusion. I understand that we, as a human race, seem to want to be tricked, but it made me wonder… Continue reading

Let the Dataset Change Your Mindset – My Response

Hybridity is not simply the expansion of digital media through creating hybrid forms, but it is also a process that has been adapted and practiced throughout a wide range of current industries.  Hybridity… Continue reading

Knowledge is Power – My Response

After having this lecture, the main part of it that got me thinking was the democratization aspect. The idea that democracy will be received through the sharing of the internet and finding out… Continue reading