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Red Light Revolution – CUEAFS Critical Reflection

Red Light Revolution, the 2010 comedy-drama written and directed by Sam Voutas was a shock to say the least. Not because of the provocative plot but because of the pure amount of hysterical,… Continue reading

Michael Collins – Photographer Talk

On Tuesday 7th May 2013, we were lucky enough to have a guest practitioner to come in and present us with a lecture followed by a hands on medium format, plate camera workshop.… Continue reading

An Artifact that Explores the Subject of Under-Represented Groups within the Media

RESEARCH: Un·der·rep·re·sent·ed – Insufficiently or inadequately represented After being given this very short brief, I thought that the first step I should take would be to research what is technically classed as an “under-represented… Continue reading

Holly Constantine’s Second Letter to Self – Reflection Upon the Past Year

6th April 2013 Dear Holly, As you should recall, I wrote a letter to future you last September outlining different aspects within the first year of this course that you were looking forward… Continue reading

An Artifact Informed by Extra-Curricular Activity

(For Example: Poem, Photograph, Song, Video, Etc.) INITIAL PLANNING: When I read this very small brief, I automatically jumped to the idea of creating an artifact that was informed by a song, merely… Continue reading

Vulgaria – CUEAFS Critical Reflection

The ten-minute wait that I had to endure before I entered the ETG34 lecture room enabled my mind to think back to my first CUEAFS viewing of The Woodsman and The Rain. The… Continue reading

The Woodsman and The Rain – CUEAFS Critical Reflection

This Japenese “comedy” from the producers, Kadokawa Pictures is not due to be released until the 11th February 2013, but somehow we managed to be incredibly “lucky” and view this ridiculously slow and… Continue reading

Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour – Critical Reflection

Walking into the “Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour” exhibition, I was expecting to be disappointed. Through the mass of reviews that I had read on the outset of my journey, it seemed that… Continue reading

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award – Critical Reflection

Walking through a long, thin, and very crowded room, displaying an array of stuffed birds ranging from blue-tits to peacocks not only made me feel a form of discomfort, but surprisingly prepared me… Continue reading

Victoria & Albert Photography Section – Critical Reflection

Although situated in a rather small room on the third floor of the Victoria and Albert Museum, this photographic hall packed a great punch. I travelled to the V&A Museum with a couple… Continue reading